Marketing Analysis for Shangri-La

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List of figure3
List of table4
Executive summary 5
1.0 Introduction6
1.1 Purpose6
1.2 Background information6
1.2.1 Industry background6
1.2.2 Organization background6
1.3 Scope7
1.4 Methodology7
1.5 Assumptions and limitations7
1.6 Plan7
3.0 Marco Environment8
3.1 Economic8
3.2 Cultural8
3.3 Political9
4.0 Micro Environment10
4.1 Customer10
4.2 Competitors10
4.2.1 Hilton10
4.2.2 Marriott11
4.2.3 7 Days11
5.0 Product Analysis12
5.1 Product category12
5.2 Type of product12
5.3 Three levels of product12
5.3.1 Core product12
5.3.2 Actual product13
5.3.3 Augmented product13
5.4 Branding and strategies14
5.4.1 Brand positioning14
5.4.2 Brand name selection14
5.4.3 Brand sponsorship14
5.4.4 Brand development14
5.5 Packaging15
5.6 Labelling15
6.0 Target Market Analysis15
6.1 Market segmentations15
6.1.1 Psychographic segmentation15
6.1.2Demographic segmentation16
6.1.3 Geographic segmentation16
6.2 Characteristics17
6.3 Specific target segment18
6.3.1 Motivation18
6.3.2 Needs & wants18
6.3.3 Relationship level18
7.0 Analysis of current product19
8.0 Conclusion20
9.1 Quantity improvement & Type adjustment21
9.2 Promotion Strategies Development21
9.3 Service development21
Reference list22

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Figure 18
Figure 29
Figure 310
Figure 411
Figure 511
Figure 611
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Figure 813
Figure 914
Figure 1014
Figure 1116
Figure 1219

List of table
Table 117

Executive summary
This report mainly focus on the current market situation of Shangri-la Hotel Company, providing evaluations and recommendations for marketers of the company to get more involved in the hotels in the Chinese market. A brief introduction of the background of Shangri-la is included, as well as the market and product category which Shangri-la exists. The report demonstrates the macro and micro environment and introduces the major competitors. In addition, analysis of target segment and how current products can meet different needs and wants are also included. Some recommendation regarding to several aspects are provided at the end of this report. The sources of information were collected from academic journals and text book as secondary data.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
The goal of this report is to demonstrate the market environment and examine whether the product of Shangri-la has satisfied its target segments based on the information from the comparison with competitors, primary research and database of the club. 1.2 Background information

1.2.1 Industry background
The hotel market is still in a growing phase, star-rated hotels and economy hotels are both in an increased trend. With multiple, and complementary components in one development, the hotel element has been seen very much as big the heart of the mixed-use, there has been a great interest in hotel development, which has contributed to the rapid expansion of the hotel industry in China (CBRE RESEARCH ASIA, 2009). In recent years, hotel industry keep an increase developed trend, especially in China, China now has the second largest hotel development pipeline since 2009 in the world, second only to the United States. Hotel operators, particularly international hotel chains, have been active in taking up these hotel chains while new domestic players have been aggressively building up their hotel network in the economy sector (CBRE RESEARCH ASIA, 2009). 1.2.2 Organization background

Shangri-la is a famous international 5-star rating hotel, which is a key player in Asia’s luxury hotel market and is based in Hong Kong China. The Shangri-la legend began in 1971; today, there are 72 hotels and resorts throughout Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East, and Europe (Shangri-la website, 2011). 1.3 Scope

In this report, it is...
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