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Topics: 2008 Summer Olympics, People's Republic of China, China Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Li Ning refers to a firm which was established in the year 1989 under the name i.e. Guangdong Li NIng Sport Company Ltd. The enterprise was headquartered in Southern China & was focused in producing sportswear. The main vision of the organization was to provide high levels of support to the Chinese students in providing sport facilities in the schools situated within the same. In the year 1990, the enterprise was backed with one of the biggest orders to equip the Torch Rally in the Asian Games. After the success within the same, the organization extended its range of products including the leisure & sports footwear. After considering the growth of the retail sector in China, the organization explored itself in many ways in the Chinese market. In order to extend its ways within the Chinese market, Li Ning covered the remote regions where in a sports company is not present. This will provide the organization with less amount of competition. In order to establish its wings in other parts of the globe a strategic audit shall be performed. The acronym i.e. Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis shall be performed. It is done in the following part of the write up. SWOT Analysis for Ni Ning Sports Company Ltd.

Strengths * In the initial years of the organization, Li Ning was the only one to deal amongst sportswear. * Li Ning’s enjoys high levels of reputation amongst the sports market. * Li Ning has been referred to as one of the top athletic wear maker & hence the Chinese population takes it as national brand. * It has been referred to as a national brand as it has cordial relationships with various Chinese teams such as Chinese National Team, National Badminton team, etc. * In order to widen its scope of operation as well as market presence Li Ning has started to sponsor various Olympic events. * One of the Olympic events which have been sponsored by Li Ning was the Chinese national’s badminton team. * Li...
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