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MKG501B Assessment 1

FYTOSAL ltd. - Company profile
Fytosal ltd. is a trading company with an international participation of partners, operating in the field of healthy nutrition across Slovakia and other European countries since 2003. It has been established with the aim to support health protection by producing and distributing of prebiotic products made from TOPINAMBUR at the domestic as well as foreign market.

Topinambur is unique plant hiding strong and healing energy from the nature. It contains substances that favorably affect human organism and helps to prevent and heal several illnesses. Its exceptionality lays also in the fact that it is resistant against heavy metals. It consists of very precious component – inulin that helps in the treatment of various illnesses indeed diabetes mellitus.

The supplier of the raw material – topinambur tuber is the company itself, since it grows topinambur on 5ha in Slovakia. Company is a sole distributor, having no competition in Slovakia. It distributes the following products through the stores of healthy nutrition and bakeries to the final consumer. At present there are about 60 healthy nutrition stores selling the following topinambur products: * Top-inulin tablets

* Top-inulin powder
* Syrup
* Jams
* Sweets

SWOT analysis
* company’s know-how about the trading and growing of topinmabur * it is a company with international attendance
* it is fully financed from partners contributions
* has access to Hungarian market, since one partner lives and acts on behalf of company in Hungary * intellectual potential of human resources
* company’s strategy focused on innovation process of production * own experiences and own trade-mark
* size of an enterprise, it is a small company
* lack of employees knowledge about topinambur at the beginning of work * absence of technological equipment for producing of products * necessity of intensive addressing of people
* higher prices in comparison with foodstuffs, people are used to Opportunities
* increasing interest in offered healthy nutrition products made from topinambur in Slovakia and other European and non-European countries * support of the employment in the region
* potential for supporting of health protection
* no competition for the products made from topinambur
* lack of people’s knowledge about the favourable effects of healthy nutrition food stuffs and topinambur itself * general distrust of people
* world economic recession
* labour force emigration
* payment discipline of purchasers
* possible market conditions change
* legislative changes
* stagnation of economic growth
* insufficient quality labour force
In Slovakia, Fytosal ltd. has no competition, in sense that there is no other company offering the same products as Fytosal does. The only company that deals with topinambur growing is Fytosal that is a trading company as well. These are ideal conditions for the further company development. Regarding European levels, France is a European leader. Topinambur was introduced there for the first time in 1600. Germany is considered to be one of the leading countries as well, mainly in assortment of products made from topinambur and took this position also thanks to deep and sophisticated analysis of topinambur composition. Third country is Hungary, because of its intellectual potential. Customers

Fytosal ltd. is, within the company’s strategy, focused on active people on the domestic as well as European market. The target group is all the groups interested in healthy lifestyle. There are three different groups

* stores of healthy nutrition
* larger trading chains
* bakeries or confectioners.
There are 62 stores offering these products. Larger...
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