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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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“Marketing, advertising, selling, special deals etc., all gobbledygook if you ask me“

Strategic Marketing Management
Norman Macha
Middlesex University

Over 2/3 of companies are investing more money in website optimisation, social media and SEO Marketing. Around 50% of the companies invest in general marketing technology improvements. 20% of the companies invest more in print advertising. These trends from a recent benchmark survey by MarketingSherpa LLC show the importance of marketing activities from a business point of view. (McGlaughlin 2012, p. 9) But is this money really worth it or is it just a total waste? In this essay I will start with a short definition of advertising and selling as this essay is too short to cover all the different aspects of advertisement. Meanwhile, I will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of marketing and at the end I will draw a conclusion whether advertising and selling are necessary tools of a company or not. Cravens and Piercy (2009, p.373) see advertising as all forms of impersonal communication. The advertisement can be used to promote either companies or products or ideas. Different types of media channels can be used for the promotion. Advantages of advertising are the relatively low costs per views compared to other ways of advertising. There is also a great variety of ways to promote a product or company as the different types of media give a different ways to promote one message e.g. from listening to the radio to interactive games in the internet. Internet advertising can target a very specific group of people to ensure a level of attention. Although advertising has many advantages it also faces some disadvantages, especially the fact that the degree of interaction with a potential costumer is very low compared to personal selling. Selling, or also personal selling, on the opposite is considered as a direct form of promotion where a sales person is talking directly to...
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