Marketing Activities Engaged by Trilogy: Organizational Resource Management

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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ARU MBA ProgramUnit Details (Description) : Organisational Resource Management (ORM)Centre : SharjahBatch Number : ARU-SHJ-1211Unit Code : ORM-1211(1)Student’s Name : Kutbuddin GheewalaStudent’s E-Mail ID : kutbuddinh@hotmail.comGroup : Westford MBA Program-ARU/ABP – Group 1Activity title : Assignment (Task 2)Due Date : 08 December 2012Date Submitted : 06 December 2012 Assessor : Anil Ahluwalia| Learning Outcomes | Assessment criteria’s of outcomes| Feedback| Assessor’s decision | 1 Understand the role of human resource management in supporting business strategy2 Know how to develop human resources in organisations3 Understand the role of marketing in supporting business strategy4 Understand the role of information systems management in supporting business strategy| Attached with Case Study| | | Grade Awarded | Pass / Fail|

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Task II (To be submitted by 6th Dec 2012)

Q.1. Evaluate the marketing activities that can be engaged by Trilogy. Also rationalize how these activities can contribute towards the achievement of their organisational objectives? (Learning outcome 3.1: Evaluate how marketing activities contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives).

Ans. One of the objectives of Trilogy is to design and build software for customers as per the business processes if the customer, which can make the employees of the customer more effective, and thereby make the business more efficient.

Another objective of Trilogy is to provide software solution to giant global firms for improving sales and performance by 20% annually for the current year.

In order to meet these objectives, from a marketing point of view, trilogy has to perform various activities in terms of pricing, product development, place, promotion, etc. as detailed below:

1. Product:
Since the aim of the organization is to create software solutions for global players as well as tailored made solutions for other customers, it has a variety of products and services designed for its customers. Trilogy creates all sorts of software solutions like financial accounting solutions, operations automation in terms of procurement, warehousing, stock management, etc. Latest and best technology is used in order to create such solutions. One of their banking clients requested them to create an automated solution for daily back office accounting operations where they need to reconcile between General Ledger accounts. Trilogy deployed a team first to understand clearly the requirements of the client and designed a separate solution for the customer. This not only is useful for the client but also gives them the flexibility and convenience in their daily operations, thereby adding more value and quality in their work. This shows the versatility available in Trilogy products, and hence achieving the organisational objectives. Moreover, with the wide range of solutions, they are able to cater to not only local market but also the global players in the market, in this manner reaching out to new customers and increasing sales for the...
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