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Kool-Aid Plus with Centrum

Kool-Aid has been a drink of choice for kids for the past two decades. It is known for a tasty, cool, and refreshing taste for many generations of children and their parents. Kool-Aid has been able to identify their target market and market towards the specific needs of these families. Kool-Aid has always been very affordable however, not the most healthiest of choices. The environment of marketing towards families today has swayed towards being more health conscious. Health issues are becoming a main concern for parents because of the growing number of obese and inactive children who live in the United States.

Kool-aid has now found a way to make its product new and improved to the more health conscious consumer. It’s called Kool-Aid Plus. The company is strongly committed to providing moms and kids a product that combines the great flavor of Kool-Aid while providing a “better for kids” beverage option to help support a healthier lifestyle. The goals are to make a real difference for kids that are growing for a healthy lifestyle.

The consumer target market:
Families, especially mothers, with average incomes and a kid or kids that are over 18 months old to 12 years old. How are we going to target our market:
We will attempt to reach our target market by advertising through channels read and watched by mothers. Magazines, such as Better Homes and Gardens or Oprah, are the perfect channels to reach these mothers with families. We will also advertise our product on major television networks watched by women. The Lifetime Network, The Home and Garden Network, The Cooking Channel, and The Oxygen Channel are all good examples of networks watched by women. Major retailers like Wal-Mart or Target would carry our products because they are major superstores. These superstores are great one stop destinations for mothers because these stores carry many products. Mothers will not have to give up their precious time...
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