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  • Published : May 5, 2011
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Place is also known as intermediary. It concerns with various way transporting goods to customers and involves using the best possible channel of distribution (The Time). In the Windows phone 7 case, Microsoft aims at marketing their phone to Australia tertiary students. Microsoft will sell their phone by both direct and indirect methods. Since most Australian students will prefer to get the phone with signing contract, Microsoft is going to cooperate with those mobile carriers such as Optus, 3, Telstra etc. Then, Microsoft can sell their products to customers by mobile carriers. Also, Microsoft will have their official dealers in Australia. In order to compete with other competitors, official dealers can provide all technically after-sales services to customers. Furthermore, for those who just want mobiles without contracts, it can easily satisfy them. Microsoft will adopt multiple channels rather than single channel. Therefore, Microsoft will have the virtual stores on the internet as well. Students can simply get the latest Windows phone or its device through online. “[Place] is the mechanism through which goods and/or services are moved from the manufacturer/ service provider to the user or consumer.” (MarketingTeacher) In other word, it is the way to make products available to customers. In terms of competing with Windows phone’s rivals, Microsoft will provide the free worldwide shipping service. Thus Windows phone will be more attractive to students.


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