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DATE| 17th April 2013|
TO| Marketing & Sales Department|
FROM| Claudio Marseglia, Marketing & Sales Manager|
SUBJECT| Weekly Information Update|

General Information & Tasks

We delivered our draft annual report (in the following text mentioned as “AR”) for ThinkTwice. I am pleased with the result of the team effort.

Still, I want some points changed. Mrs. Casino and Mr. Wieneck also made some expressions of what has to be changed.

“Generally speaking good part, conclusion missing though.”- Mrs. Casino

“The marketing part is mostly fine, probably some details might have to be reconsidered but I can’t name something particular right now. Generally speaking some more theory might be in here but not in a plain way, words like “value” for example are missing which you could actually talk a lot a about (what’s the actual value for the customer?) or the theory of “core product and augmented product” also might have some mentioning here because that is the main point of your product, you don’t just sell condoms but the good cause behind it. It is in there somehow, yes, but maybe you could revise some parts.” - Mr. Wieneck

Me, the Marketing and Sales Manager, expects that the style of the report will be written formally (Instead of “WE”, “US” it should be “IT”, “the company” or “ThinkTwice”) and write it in a manner that shows enthusiasm. More enthusiasm can be create by stating how we solved or will solve a particular problem in our company and stress the fact that we are on a way to be more close to our mission to help other poor people in the world more than ever.

Based on the preceding comments I will give out the tasks.


For every task you need to download the AR first, make the changes and upload it again so the next one who works on the file has the most updated version:...
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