Topics: Marketing, Product management, Target market Pages: 7 (1888 words) Published: May 13, 2013
School of Marketing & International Business
MARK 101: Principles of Marketing
The Situational Analysis Report.

Due: Two Page Draft (10%) - Thursday 4 April, 12pm, Assignment box, Location TBA. No extensions granted.

Full Marketing Report (25%) - Wednesday 15 May, 12pm. Assignment box. Location TBA. Electronic Copy through Turnitin by 5pm

Note: Any work (including electronic submissions) received after the deadline will be deemed late and incur penalties. If you need to hand in your assignment late, please hand it to a staff member at the reception desk on the eleventh floor of Rutherford House and ensure they sign and date stamp it. Do not put assignments under the lecturer’s door.

Penalties:Late assignments: Assignments received after the deadline will have 10% deducted from the available grade, per day. For example, an assignment that is one day late will lose 10% of the available grade (i.e. a 78% becomes a 68%), two days late 20% (i.e. a 78% becomes 58%), etc. However, assignments received seven days after the due date will not be marked. Consequently, this may jeopardise your ability to pass the course. Extensions: Extensions will be granted only in exceptional circumstances (e.g. illness with supporting medical documents stating the nature and length of impairment) by the MARK 101 Lecturer at the time the assignment is due. Tutors are not authorised to grant extensions. Extensions need to be arranged before the due date. Any student caught plagiarising may be penalised under the Statute on Student Conduct, which can be downloaded from the policy website. You could fail your course or even be suspended from the University. You are strongly advised to consult the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism policy website at: Your assignments will be submitted to Turnitin so be sure to correctly cite all your references. It is not worth the risk! Purpose:This assignment is designed to help you apply what you have learned about undertaking a situational analysis. Draft Report Format

* You must use;
* 12-point (font size) Times New Roman or similar font,
* 2.5cm margins all sides,
* Justified margins
* A cover sheet.
* Bullet points are acceptable

Within a maximum of two pages you should present:
* An introductory paragraph
* An overview of your situational analysis, including any key findings * A summary of key problems facing the organisation and/or key opportunities (these need to relate back to your situational analysis.)

Full Written Report Format:
* You must use;
* 12-point (font size) Times New Roman or similar font,
* 2.5cm margins all sides,
* Justified margins
* 1 ½ spacing. The Executive summary, Table of contents, tables, diagrams and Reference List can be single spaced but you must use 12 point font, Times New Roman. * A cover sheet. A coloured cover sheet must be attached to your assignment. These will be handed out in tutorials.

* Maximum report length of 19 pages. Including:
* 1 page for the Executive Summary,
* 1 Page of the Table of contents,
* 13 pages for the main body (see below)
* 2 pages for the reference list
* 2 pages maximum for appendices.

* The main body of this assignment includes;
* The introduction
* The market analysis
* Competitor analysis
* Macro environmental analysis
* TOWS analysis
* Target market
* Recommendations.

Please read these assignment instructions thoroughly before starting. Ensure you do a final check to ensure everything is covered before you hand your written IMC plan in. 1. The Draft Report (10%)

It is common in organisations for a draft to be presented ahead of any substantive reports. This enables the authors to present initial...
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