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Volkswagen (VW) means ‘people car’ in German. It is the biggest automakers in German and second biggest automakers in the world. It founded by Ferdinand Porsche in Wolfsburg, Germany at 28 May 1937. Recently, VW has three cars in the top 10 list of best selling cars. They are Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Beetle, and Volkswagen Passat. Martin Winterkorn, the chairman of the board of management has pronouncements Strategy 2018. The Strategy 2018 is focus on positioning the Volkswagen Group to overtake both Toyota and GM and become the world’s number one automaker by 2018 to become a global economic and environmental leader among automobile manufacturers and decreed that VW will sell 1 million cars in the United States by 2018. They have defined four goals that are intended to make VW the most successful and fascinating automaker the world by 2018. Firstly, VW intends to deploy intelligent innovations and technologies to become a world leader in customer satisfaction and quality. Nowadays, technology has become more and more high tech such as voice control to ask your smart phone to act the command you ordered. Therefore, VW intends to make its car more and more high tech also to catch up with nowadays’ high tech life style within customer satisfaction and quality to stimulate the desire of buying. Secondly, the goal is to increase unit sales to more than 10 million vehicles a year; in particular, Volkswagen intends to capture an above-average share of the development of the major growth markets. While customers are satisfied with VW’s products, it can cause the sale increases. Sales increases will also affect to the share of VW. Thirdly, VW intends to increase its return on sales before tax to at least 8% so as to ensure that the Group’s solid financial position and ability to act are guaranteed even in difficult market periods. Together with disciplined cost and investment management, these efforts play a major role in ensuring that VW reach their long-term profitability targets and safeguard solid long-term liquidity. Lastly, VW aims to become the top employer across all brands, companies and regions; this is necessary in order to build a first-class team. (Volkswagen annual report 2011) Goals are an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe. I think that the chairman of the board of management, Martin Winterkorn’s pronouncements about 2018 is a legitimate goal. It has many objectives to achieve. These objectives can also be the motivation to motivate employee to work. To achieve these objectives, the company should give a clear and definite direction and command or either short term training to all employees for increase their knowledge and creative to make better the finished goods. The new and innovative ideas can attract new customer to consume with VW. Consequently, with the more creative ideas and more qualitative VW’s vehicles will improve the sales and enlarge their market.

Volkswagen has launched a new simple short tagline “Das Auto”, German for ‘The Car’. VW used the backdrop of to launch its new TV and print campaign in February, 2007’s Frankfurt Motor Show across Germany and we can be sure it will be spreading across the globe in no time. VW’s previous tagline was “Aus Liebe zum Automobil,” which was launched at the 2003 Frankfurt Show and translates into “For the love of the automobile.” Compare the two tagline VW has used, ‘Das Auto’ is better than ‘Aus Liebe zum Automobil’ that is because ‘Das Auto’ translates to roughly the similar meaning in many of the world’s major languages. The tagline is meant to work in the same way as Coca-Cola is to cola soft-drinks and Hoover is to the vacuum cleaner. At the same way, Das Auto is to a car. (Motor Authority, Oct 3, 2007) Communication experts generally agree that the overall requirement of effective communication and persuasion are fixed and do not vary from country to country. The...
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