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I. Introduction.
In today's modern life, there are several goods putting on the market. The variety of goods makes consumers have many different choices to choose the best one. How to reach consumers, how to bring products closer to consumers is a difficult problem that companies have to solve. Unilever Group is one of example that has been successful in bringing their brand familiar to customers. Unilever is a global group which is very famous all over the world in the field of consumer goods such as food, drink, detergent and cosmetics. There are many products of Unilever having consumed and widely accepted as Lipton, Knorr, Cornetto, Lux, Vim, Lifebouy, Dove, Close-Up, Sunsilk, Clear, Pond's, Hazeline, Vaseline, etc,... The revenues calculated in the millions of dollars each brand has proved Unilever is one of the most successful companies in the business of health care consumers. As a multinational company business, expansion and putting more branches around the world to dominate the global market as one of the objectives of Unilever. Unilever Vietnam was established in 1995 is one of the strategy of Unilever. From 1995 to present, the company has invested about $ 120 million to access to markets in Vietnam. Unilever's famous products such as Sunsilk, Clear, Dove, Pond's, Close-up, Cornetto, Paddle Pop, Lipton, Knorr etc,…have been introduced. With the advantage of excellent quality and reasonable price suit to Vietnamese consumer so the brand has quickly become the most consumer goods in Vietnamese market and achieve many profits from the customers. Omo is one of the famous brands of Unilever in Viet Nam. The success of the Omo in the Vietnamese market is a convincing evidence for Unilever's strategy to expand the market as well as bring its brand closer to consumers. When identifying Unilever's success, I want mention about marketing strategy which is one of the important factors making the success of Unilever as now. II. Identify and discuss each of marketing elements.

According to the article analysis, we can offer three elements of the Marketing Mix: product, price, and promotion. * Product :
+ Features: Unilever strongly emphasizes that Omo is a product with a high detergent which can completely dislodge any dirt on clothes. This makes Omo have the different between many other detergent products. ( “Omo mở đầu bằng những mẩu quảng cáo nêu bật tính năng giặt tẩy vượt trội của mình” ) + Brand name: Omo is the name that easy to read and remember. + Packaging: It is very eye-catching with brilliant color as red, sky-blue. The packaging has been improved time by time to make it convenient for customer as well as increase aesthetic value while ensuring preservation of the best over time and space. Another innovation is the Omo packaging design based on the slogan as well as the company's ad campaign. Emerging packaging 2 new colors are green and orange - the "play to learn". This helps Omo products stand out on store shelves also makes it easy for customers to remember the advertising slogan of the product. ( “Màu sắc truyền thống của OMO là đỏ, trắng, xanh dương đậm”, “Một cải tiến mới đáng ghi nhận, mà có thể làm hài lòng các bà nội trợ đó là: Không cần phải cắt bao bì mà có thể dễ dàng xé bằng tay để sử dụng..”, “bên cạnh những màu sắc truyền thống của OMO là đỏ, trắng, xanh dương đậm thì còn xuất hiện thêm hai màu khác là: Xanh lá cây và cam tươi của biểu tượng “splat” - biểu tượng của những vết bẩn “chơi mà học” ..”) * Price:

+ Price of Omo very consistent with the income of the people of Vietnam today. Especially, the price rarely goes up. Compared with the price increase of the recent economic crisis, the price of the Omo remains in the form of relatively cheap. Rates in line with economic help Omo have large market share in the market. Moreover, because of cheap price, Omo maintain sales, drive Omo closer to customer. The product has been improved better but still kept the average price. That...
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