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BTEC Higher Nationals

Marketing Planning

Presented by: rubina bumma

Date: 15th September 2009


Feet First is a small shoe shop located in the North of England. The owner has recently formed a partnership with a local competitor and they plan to merge their businesses and open a larger outlet under the same name. In order to succeed the owners must review a number of processes within the organisation.

Task 1 – Marketing Audits

a) Discuss the main elements of marketing planning
b) Conduct a SWOT analysis for Feet First
c) Apply one other analysis technique to Feet First

Task 2 – Barriers to Marketing Planning

a) What barriers are there that might be encountered when marketing planning and how can these be resolved?

Task 3 – The Marketing Plan

a) The owners have decided to introduce a range of branded trainers into the store you are required to devise a marketing plan for them.

Task 4 – Ethical Issues

a) What ethical issues should Feet First be aware of when providing such a product as discussed in the previous question? Apply this to elements of the marketing mix.


A) Marketing planning is a crucial activity in any organisation that should be approached in a professional manner by managers. Malcolm mc Donald defined marketing planning as “simply a logical sequence and a series of activities leading to the setting of marketing objectives and the formulation plans for achieving them (”. More to the point the plan helps the organisation to use marketing resources at its maximum in order to achieve its aims and objectives. By writing an effective marketing plan, the organisation will be able to understand its customer’s needs and also identify methods how to attract customers to use its product or service. The main elements of a marketing plan are namely mission statement, marketing audit, SWOT analysis, marketing objectives, marketing strategies, assumptions and contingency plans, detailed marketing mix ,budget resource and staffing, implement the plan and measure and control.

Mission statement
Any marketing plan should start with a mission statement that can be understood by different departments of the organisation. Mintzberg defined a mission as “the organisation’s basic function in society in terms of the product and services it produces for its customers (”. It should be noted that any organisation should write a clear mission statement by using the following main points –why does the organisation exist, what are the product or service that it does provide, the rules and regulations of the operations within the organisation and lastly the values and culture.

Marketing audit

Marketing audit is a crucial stage of the marketing planning. Marketing audit can be defined in its simplest form by the question “where are we now?” Philip Kotler (1977) defines a marketing audit as “a systematic examination of an organisation’s marketing objectives, strategies, organisation and performance.” ( Marketing audit helps the organisation to identify and gather data and resources available in both the internal and external environment and also recommend how to use them efficiently and effectively. The internal audit consists of identifying and examining the resources available within the organisation –human resources, the materials to produce the goods, the values and the culture, the profit margin, sales( in terms of location, by customers, by industrial) and the marketing mix( product, price ,place and promotion). To perform and external audit, surveys can be conducted and questionnaires given to the public. The information gathered can help the organisation to know what are the likes and dislikes of the public, their age, sex, salary and wages, occupation. In addition an external audit will help the...
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