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London based jewelry brand Allumer has gradually grown its brand identity in London, and it has successfully presented its unique brand identity through the material, and innovative designs it has created. Allumer has expanded its market base from the UK, and now distributes jewelry throughout Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, and China, in an increasingly condensed world, many markets are now connected globally with their customers and marketing partners. However, For Allumer, there has been difficulty in generating and creating new potential markets in other cities such as Seoul, Busan, and Tokyo in South Korea and Japan respectively. A lack of market information or physical barriers in terms of geographical issues and other problems cause difficulties in gaining exposure in potential new marketplaces. In order for a brand to reach a new customer, a new project and focus is necessary to develop and expand its business in new areas. Therefore, research in a new market will provide Allumer positive results in a variety of aspects. Initially, an analysis of the company itself is essential before targeting individual markets within Asia.

Allumer – the Company
BRAND - Listed in the HOT 100 as a NexGem by Professional Jeweller.  The fun concept of the brand, being packaged in a match box saying 'Light up my Life' - follows throughout the whole brand and depicts the perfect gift. The brand is rapidly evolving and spreading throughout the world - Vogue calls the bracelets 'The Rolls Royce of friendship bracelets' - Worn by the likes of Kate Moss, Kelly Osbourne, Paris Hilton, Princess Beatrice and boyfriend Dave, Louise Redknapp, Daisy Lowe (wears a bracelet on her ankle) to name a few. COLLECTIONS - They have created seven new collections so far this year, including the ever-expanding Caviar Collection, Match collection, and the Foundling Collection, Gold Allumer (bells). The company is innovative and strives to create new engaging products, taking in mind the season and calendar events. Allumer is working on several new collections at present. When creating a new collection an emphasis is placed on quality, and at present the company is looking into the feasibility of using fair-trade materials. The materials the company uses are predominately generally gold, however they have introduced silver to accommodate all budgets.        PRESS -They have increased their press, which is created in house, and have exposure in all the best publications including trade publications, Vogue, Grazia, Professional Jeweller, Retail Jeweller, Jewellery Focus, Elle, Harpers, Times Style and Instyle.    STOCKISTS – Allumer is increasing its stockists to over 15 this season and now sell merchandise in some of the most prestigious stores worldwide, including Harrods and Harvey Nichols and Paul Smith in the UK. The company also has stockists in Turkey, Canada, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Australia, Beirut, and Japan, whilst there are further ambitions to expanding nationally in the UK.     COLLABORATIONS - Allumer has lots of collaborations with brands, including Quintessentially and Liberatum. It also collaborates with, events, Premieres, TV and shoots, in an effort to gain exposure for the on a global level.       CHARITIES - This year we are working with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Natalie Vodanova Naked Heart, and Style for Strokes. The company is developing collections and donating percentages of the sales to these charitable organizations.

This summarization of different aspects of the company helped in guiding the project, and was the basis of a strategic plan that should be undertaken, as the strategic plan involves adapting the firm to take advantage of opportunities in its constantly evolving environment. It is the process of developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the organisation’s goals and capabilities and its changing marketing opportunities. (Kotler, P., Armstrong, G: 129) Allumer’s SWOT analysis

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