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Market Analysis Research Report Essay

I am a marketer who will be presenting to you my newest product that will be a portable laptop computer which will be very different from a home computer. With these laptop computer you will have several different things to your advantage that you will like about it. One big thing will be that you will be able to carry the laptop everywhere you go to and second of all you can get wifi Internet access anywhere which is good if you want to work on something important that you need to get finishing. We all know that a home computer will just be there in the desk and you won't be able to carry it out at all and that it is a slower computer which it will always be connected with the Internet hook always (The 2000-2005. World outlook for home computers. 2002). I am absolutely sure that every person in the United States will buy these laptop computer no matter what the price will be for it because it will be a neat thing to carry it around everywhere you go to use it for what is needed to be used. I know if I sell the laptop for a cheaper price and if it has a lot of space and newer things added to it than this product will be a success for the business that I work with which is perfect.

The purpose for this product to come out is to make it better than, than the last one they had to succeed in the business world as a marketer. I know that if I create one of the newest and best computers people will always buy them because a computer will always be needed for school and at a job always. Each person is different and will always be looking for a computer to have a fast hardware, to look more better, to have a lot of space and to have definitely a CD player to watch movies in it and several more things that each person likes. We as marketers we will always want to sell a valuable product in order for the people to like it a lot and to come back and buy more products for us which will bring our business up with a lot of positive comments that we know that our customers had stayed satisfied in buying our product (How to sell with a laptop. 1999).

The product that I will be designing will be a laptop computer to sell for my business organization in order for people to have one of the best and fastest computers to use for their personal, school or job things (How to sell with a laptop. 1999). The price will vary from three hundred dollars to five hundreds dollars the most and I know that with this price a lot of people will buy these laptop because it is affordable. Since it will come already with an anti-virus, the Microsoft word packet, camera, and an MP 3 player already installed for an affordable price. This product I will promote it on the radio, television, newspaper and through out the Internet in order for the people to see it through out the entire United States (How to sell with a laptop. 1999). When people read about a new product especially, if it's regarding laptops they will work very hard to earn that money to buy their favorite laptop computer to use for the rest of their lives.

In these social life each end every person you will see carrying a laptop to do homework, job work, chat and to just be navigating around the Internet (Learning with computers. 1940). The economic growth on this product will be good for the company and the people because they know that they won't be changing their computers a lot since these one will provide everything for them that they need. These laptop computer will be very technological and very competitive within other businesses because other ones might have the same product, but for a more expensive price which is not good at all. The policy on this product is that they will have 3 years of insurance that will be already included in the product once they buy it if something breaks in their laptops or has gone bad. This industry will be in all 50 of the states and I will be...
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