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Pharmaceutical Marketing
Jessica L. Ancho
Monday, November 26, 2012
Thom J. Sloan

Pharmaceutical Marketing
Pharmaceutical marketing is a current health care marketing technique, which is in television, the Internet, radio, and other media source. Pharmaceutical marketing is the business of advertising of drugs. There are many marketing techniques that organizations use everywhere, but health care marketing can be slightly different. In this paper, I will describe my opinion on current health care marketing techniques and trends. The second topic is how I feel about current marketing techniques are affecting consumer trends and if there any I will examine how. Last, I will evaluate the positive and negative impacts on health care workers because of current marketing techniques and trends. Techniques and Trends

Every company has trends and techniques that they use to advertise products. Pharmaceutical one exception is different is drug manufactures advertise to medical profession. There are three media promotion are medical journals, detailmen, and direct mail. The large majority of this group represents medical journals, but the leading hospital, nursing, osteopathic, dental, and drug journals are likewise include. The total also comprises some 84-city and county medical bulletins frequently used as advertising media. However, the importance of these local bulletins is relatively small, as the entire group accounts for only two point three per cent of the total dollar volume of journal advertising (Ferber, & Wegner, 1960, p. 66). In society today Internet plays a major role in advertising and marketing, but printing plays a huge role still even though web-based resources are cheaper. Many physicians get free samples, which can include a personal presentation. Personal presentations are valuable as well as the informational brochures that come with the free samples. Physicians can also access more information through...
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