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2.2.2 Market trends
Though the bottled water industry has gone through many changes, certain trends in bottled water include new product development; wide spread marketing and packaging efforts, and the emergence of new industries tapping into bottled water.( Not only are consumers looking at bottled water as a means to quench thrist, but they are also looking for taste. According to Mintel, 82 percent of bottled water shoppers report taste as the top attribute when buying bottled water, and only 4 percent think flavour is unimportant to consider. Some of the new products in bottled water include Fluoridated water, calcium enhanced water, hyper-caffeinated water, protein enhanced water, vitamin infused water, mint flavoured water, fruit-flavored water, hydrating water, and now even super oxygenated water and “cosmeceutical water.”  The major brands have Sall acknowledged a common trend that is a trend away from full-calorie enhanced waters and artificial sweeteners and adapted to include zero-calorie drinks in their portfolios. According to Symphony IRI, Vitamin water Zero saw an 11.6 percent increase in sales during the 52 weeks ending July 8. In total, zero-calorie enhanced waters also showed more growth overall in the market, according to the Mintel report. ( Marketing and packaging also play a significant trend in the bottled market. Bottlers are redesigning bottles to suite consumers tastes, lifestyles and keeping in mind the cost factor too. For example, Nestle designed a 3 litre bottle where the neck of the bottle fits into the base of the bottle below, a concept called Stacking. ‘The bag in the box’ from Mineracao Mantovani ,which has a corrugated box that prevents light from entering the box and thereby heating the water.(IBWA 2012 – OCT /NOV ISSUE) . Another major trend is ‘Going Green’, consumers are...
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