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1. Introduction:
The paper emphases on the nature of the marketing plan as whole. The author is doing the research on the of the international branded and premium that is OSIM Company product on the uDivine Application massage chair. In these assignments will share on OSIM marketing plan which involved analysis on competitor, developed understand on marketing and sales strategy. Understand on the main key player which has contributed a lot to OSIM Company as whole.

2.0 Company Background
Corporate Profile, Mission, Vision and Goals of OSIM

OSIM International Ltd is well known as an global impetus leader in healthy and C.  The founded of OSIM Company is Ron Sim in year 1980 in Singapore (OSIM Ltd., 2010). Previously OSIM was under the name of R Sim Trading, an electrical and household appliance company (OSIM Ltd., 2010). In year 1980 with a small start-up capital, the company have engages with promotion of household products such as knife sharpeners, knife and mobile clothes drying rods. However in year 1989, the company listed with the name called “Health Check and Care”, and then later on shifted their main focus to healthy lifestyle products. Since then this had created great development for the company and manages to operate outlets in Indonesia and Malaysia (AsiaPulse News, 2002).

2.1 Vision and Mission
The company’s vision was to become the global leader in healthy life style products whereas their mission was to challenge the spirit of their clients. The goal of the company was to bring the healthy lifestyle to their consumers (Business Times-Malaysia, 2003 and New Straits Times, 2003). Inspiring Life” is the motto of the OSIM Company.

The global leader in healthy lifestyle products

Bringing healthy lifestyle to you.

2.2 Company Locations and Facilities
OSIM Company has 1196 Outlets in more than 222 cities across 30 countries in Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America. The Company operation is dividing into two segments that are distribution and retail (refer to appendix 1). The OSIM company headquarters is in Singapore. 1. Products and Services

OSIM product is the most trusted brand. The company is known as International Safety Standards which are abide with worldwide health and safety regulations. All products are designed with safety and appropriate method to health. Furthermore, the companies have good quality performance because their entire product has been approved from clinic research, medical certifications and scientific studies. The health-care product have careful checked and studies scientifically by expertise. They have been awarded certification and recognition from independents bodies in terms of innovation and technology wise. OSIM Company receive award winning design from Japan, Europe and Asia. OSIM product was awarded the Largest Health Check and Care Equipment Retail Chain by the Malaysian Book of Records and Asia Pacific Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2002. OSIM is known as ASIA No 1 Brand in healthy lifestyle equipment by a prestigious International Survey for international market research. Besides, OSIM has also been rated by AC Nielsen survey in 2005 as the Number One brand in seven attributes (High Quality Products, Advance Technology, Premium Brand, Innovative Design & Features, Trustworthy Brand, Good Customer Service and Good Store Ambience). 3.1 Products Description

OSIM uDivine Application massage chair is the finest world's best selling massage chair and phone innovates that lift up leveraging of power digital technology of smart phones and mobile technology. The uDivine application markets a benchmark of innovation and transformed it to an intelligent, multi-sensory enjoyment for the body, mind and soul. If the consumer purchased uDivine App massage chair, there is a personal massage advisor that renders its smart recommendations and useful information on optimising the uDivine App massage experience...
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