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Problem Definition
La Guinguette restaurant is not profitable.

Critical Facts
* La Guinguette rarely sees any repeat business because of the language barrier. The vast majority of tourists, regardless of their native tongue, speak English. In fact, the majority are U.S. citizens and speak no other language. * Bloody Mary’s is “the” place to be in Bora Bora and is always thriving at night. Marcel had hoped that La Guinguette would compete for this type of business. * Marcel does more business at lunch than with the more profitable dinner trade. * There is no indication that the tourist trade will slow down, in spite of exorbitant prices. * La Guinguette’s location is a natural place to try, as does its setting on the lagoon.

Target Market

Alternate Solutions and Analyses

Hire English speaking servers and bartenders (services).
This breaks the language barrier dissatisfaction. Another solution to this would be for his children, David and Diane, to learn English, but that process may take a long time.

・Smooth communication between servers/bartenders and customers. Cons:
・Extra personnel cost.

Offer a variety of events (promotion, amusement, socializing). La Guinguette can host local bands, dance contests, and other interactive events to create an interest for those who know of the restaurant but have no desire to try it. All events will be held during dinner.

・By offering events, we can create customers’ demand of visiting the restaurant. ・By offering different events, we can have repeat customers. ・Customers can enjoy not only good cuisine, but also enjoy socializing with other tourists. ・Events will be the restaurant’s specialty.

・It is costly.
・At night time, we have to eliminate some seats for events.

Offer a picnic package (promotion).
Designed for couples, families, or groups, La Guinguette is to prepare traditional-style picnic baskets of food and drink for those who wish to dine outdoors. The offer will be advertised, which then the customer may either phone to place an order or order in person.

・Customers can enjoy La Guinguette’s cuisine anywhere they want to. ・When picking up orders, customers may be inclined to dine in the restaurant for another meal after seeing La Guinguette’s decor and atmosphere.

・Customers may be annoyed to come to the restaurant to pick up a picnic package. ・Picnic baskets are an extra expense.

Display fireworks for all Bora Bora visitors (public relations). The ideal viewing location for the fireworks is to be at the restaurant. It is to be advertised that the restaurant is sponsoring the event.

・People can see fireworks anywhere in Bora Bora island, potentially covering the ignorance of tourists.
・Extremely expensive, thus it would only be a short time strategy. ・It entertains not only our customers but also competitors’ customers.

Implement advertising (advertising).
Message: The purpose of the message is to induce people to dine at the restaurant, hopefully instigating repeat customers. (ie. “Let the memory of the yesterday be the memory of the tomorrow.” “Listen to the ocean. Enjoy the waves of nostalgia.”)

* Create La Guinguette’s own (English) website.
A variety of pictures and detailed information are included in the website. It is to be high in flash and graphics to reflect the luxury and quality of the restaurant.

・Offers the most information about the restaurant. (Including boating schedule, event information, menu, etc.)
・Customers can get information of the restaurant before they come to Bora Bora. Cons:
・We need to hire a professional web site designer, which is costly. ・It is seen by only internet users.

* Brochures
Pictures and informative literature are included in the brochure. These are to be...
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