Topics: Decision making Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Asangaziev Kubanych, 5121

Decision making process for a buying any type of technology

It would seem that there is nothing tricky when you buying a computer, mobile, television or any other device. And if there’s any subtlety on which the buyer should pay attention during the acquisition of new device? Largely, everything is quite simple; everyone decides for himself what he needs. But there is a subtlety that is never taken into account by the buyer and in some cases it can lead to bad moments. The main criteria on which the buyer should pay attention during buying a device is maintainability. You should not be surprised or scared of this term. For instance, when we got air conditioner, we believe that it would work nice and well without any breakdowns; connecting just bought a new computer is seems that it would last forever – it would be nice if it would be so, but we forgot that any technology can break down. And, no matter where, when and by whom it was made, in what store you got it. Only when it broke down you become panic and ask yourself the big question if it possible to fix device. That’s why first of all, when you going to get a new technology, you should ask a seller about guaranty and maintainability. For the majority of buyers of technique, the main criterion is a price and the quality of device and that is understandable. But there is one but, product quality and price are not related to performance. Sometimes, cheap goods will be high quality and work well, while the expensive product can break down every month, what would bring you a lot of problems and disappointment. For the sellers the main thing is to sell their product, no matter if it’s good or not. That’s why when you going to buy a product, you need to find out all information about this product, you should find a person who has experience with technologies and consult with this person. Better to go the store in a good...
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