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Describe the attributes of your product or service in detail Product attributes help organizations edge out competition by highlighting or providing personalization GNC know all too well that some weight management plans can leave you feeling like you are missing out on good foods. But with GNC popular weight management plans you do not have to forfeit your favorite foods and still managed your weight. GNC offers the customers their own meals menu simply handpicked by the customers. It is the pleasure of personalization, plus the flexibility and support that works with your lifestyle, at a price just as nice. Here is a quick snapshot of what the customers can expect.

The attributes of GNC foods weight management plan provides nutrients from six broad classes: fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, dietary minerals and water. With easy-to-follow plans and balanced meals backed by the Glycemic index for optimal nutrition. The meals will consist of breakfast, dinners, lunches, snacks and yes even desserts. GNC will have favorites like Cinnamon Buns,Mac & Cheese, Lasagagna Quesadillas and chocolate a good-for-you spin with the right balance of good carbs, fibers, protein and fiber all packaged into the right portion size.

GNC provides a proven path to a healthier you. With GNC flexible transition and maintenance plans, you can start putting the principles you have learned on program into practice by preparing healthy meals on your own while still enjoying the ease and convenience of our delicious, perfectly portioned meals. So you can continue your success long after you cross that finish line Because GNC customers means everything to the business GNC will offer unlimited access to our online tools to log your meals, weight, water and more so you always know where you stand; you can even download our exclusive GNC mobile app to help you stay up with the lasted meals plans motivated when you are on the move. Plus, you can connect with fellow members in our dynamic community and receive personal advice from trained counselors.

Marrying the pull and push strategies together can bring out the benefits and minimize the flaws in each approach. Push-pull marketing strategies are two distinct methods of promoting products and services to a target market. There are specific advantages in using each of these two marketing strategies. Being able to know the difference as well as how to use both in conjunction with another is very valuable information. I believe you need to balance both strategies to create a great marketing mix that powerfully entices customers to come through your door. Some customers react to one type or to the other. For example, the bargain hunters might react to the pull marketing tactics while the socially aware buyers might respond to the push marketing.


Product attributes help organizations edge out competition by highlighting or providing personalization Product descriptions, including size, weight, color, etc.

-Technical details

-Product specifications

-Anything else to do with describing the details of your product or service.

Benefits - Features describe your product, but the benefits solves a problem for the customer or fulfils a need. In essence, the benefit sells your product or service. Here's what to include when describing your product's benefits:

-How will your product or service solve a problem for the customer?

-How will your service fulfil a client's need?

-In what way is your product better than the competition's?

-Is your price better than the competition's?

-Will your service improve the customer's life? Make her happier? Reduce risk? Make him more productive? Reduce costs in the long run?

-Does your product last longer than the competition's?

-Any other selling features that are appropriate

when compiling your own list of features and benefits, be sure to include any and all that apply to your service or your product....
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