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The Case analysis of Marketing Strategy for
Self-financed Rehabilitation Centre
Identifying marketing mix model 4P when planning marketing strategy

Introduction & Situation Definition

According to the website of Hong Kong Christian Service, “Since 1952, Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) has been working towards a humane and just society. It provide the needy with suitable, professional and reliable quality services. We care for the disadvantaged and the neglected. Genuinely, we help the vulnerable, advocate for justice and ignite people's hope.”

HKCS has started its self-financed pre-school rehabilitation service since 2002. Because in Economic Times (Dec 2010), it stated clearly that the population (mainly under aged 12) in Kowloon East in coming 10 years would have an additional increase of 100k. We could be known that there might be around 10% of them in need of pre-school rehabiliatation service among this population. Since there are only 8 rehabiliatation service centre in Kowloon East, it is not enough to satisfy the great demand of the rehabiliatation services. To shorten the clients' queue and get this marketing opportunity, HKCS decide to set up a new center of rehabilitation service in Kwun Tong in Decemeber 2012.

When running a company or organization, understanding the importance of marketing is critical as it helps organization get its products and services in front of clients who would eager to buy them. One of the essential concepts in marketing is the marketing mix. In order to build up a prestigious service, the new rehabilitation centre of HKCS needs to have a systematic marketing plan for initiate the business and we would use this paper to analysis the 4P Mix marketing theory for illustrating the marketing strategy for self-financied rehabilitation centre of HKCS.

Marketing Mix Model

According to the website of WordiQ, “The marketing mix approach is one model of crafting and implementing marketing strategies. It recognizes that marketers have essentially four variables to use when crafting a marketing strategy and writing a marketing plan. They are product ,price, place and promotion.” Form the above definition, we could be known that the marketing mix model which is useful to be used by marketers as a tool to assist in implementing the marketing startegy. As the needs of the clients and the marketing environment would be changed, the marketers should understand the four elements of price, place, product and promotion about the organization's services thoroughtly. In order to offer its services to right customers, the marketing mix can be adjusted on a frequent basis to meet the changes.

4P's Product

Product refer to “ A product is anything can be offered in tangible form to a market to offer value.” (Kotler & Keller, 2009). “ ln developing a product to offer to a market, the product planner has to distinguish three levels of product features: the core, tangible and augmented levels.” (Alan R.Andreasen Philip Kotler 2007). After analyzing strength, weakness of organization and opportunity, threat of external environment, our marketing misssion of new rehabilitation centre had been set to be improving children's overall ability, promoting children's fullset potential to learn and grow and supporting community to develop healthy familities. For our core service, our new centre mainly provides the the rehabilitation services to pre-school children and their family who live in Kowloon East to improve their overall ability and potential. Besides, the supporting programmes also would be provided to parents for enhacing their parent-child skills and create better family harmony.

For the tangible level, our services could be divided into four aspects which are Styling, Quality, Packaging and Branding. “ Styling means giving a product (or service) a distinctive look or “feel”. Much of the competition in durable goods, such as...
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