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Executive summary1
Target Market2
Marketing Mix3
Lessons Learned3
Appendix A 1-3

Executive Summary
Finding the most effective and efficient ways to communicate with our target market through a variety of media, and using an intensive distribution strategy allowed us to realize our goal and become the market share leader in the Practise marketing game. In the game we were able to choose the advertising that reached the most urban commuters, which was our target demographic. The advertising allowed us to gaining awareness not only in our target demographic, but also in other demographics. As our product awareness grew, we began selling more product and making more revenues. The increase in revenue allowed us to continue to add more channels of advertising, again raising awareness and increasing our market share in the game. Performance

Our strategy was to gaining market share by increasing awareness through advertising. Below are two charts. The first chart shows the marketing costs of each team during the game; our costs are highlighted by the orange line. The second shows the market share of each team during the game, ou market share is highlighted by the orange in this chart. The more we added to our advertising, the larger our market share grew. Market Share

There is a similar theme with our Bank balance, Revenues and Net income (with exception to the last turn when a feature was mistakenly added, causing our net profit to be lost). Our team is highlighted by orange.

We did accomplish our goal of gaining control of the market. We had a steady incline of market share throughout the game. We finished the game with 47% of the market share. We had a large awareness in the Urban Commuter demographic as well as awareness in other demographics. We were ranked 1st place 14/17 turns.

Target Market Decisions
We chose Urban Commuter to be our...
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