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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary3

2. Introduction4

3. Situation Analysis5
3.1 Company Internal Analysis5
3.1.1 Company Logo5
3.1.2 Company Mission5
3.1.3 Company Profile5
3.1.4 Company Brief History6
3.2 External Environment7
3.2.1 Company Competitors7
3.2.2 Trends and Eating Habits of Singaporeans7
3.2.3 Growth of Fast Food Services in Singapore8
3.3 SWOT Analysis10

4. Objectives14
4.1 Corporate Objectives14
4.2 Marketing Objectives14

5. Selection and Measuring of Target Markets15
5.1 Market Share of Company15
5.2 Size of Potential Markets15
5.3 Market Segmentation16
5.3.1 Age and life-cycle segmentation16
5.3.2 Income segmentation17
5.3.3 Family life cycle segmentation17
5.4 Target Market Strategy18
5.4.1 Chosen Type of Target Marketing18

6. Strategic Marketing Mix19
6.1 Product19
6.1.1 Product Adaptation19
6.2 Price20
6.2.1 Pricing Strategies20
6.3 Promotion21
6.3.1 Advertising21
6.3.2 Sales Promotion22
6.3.3 Local Website23
6.4 Distribution23
6.4.1 Place23
6.4.2 Other Distribution Channels25

7. Implementation and Evaluation26
7.1 Action Plan26
7.1.1 Product26
7.1.2 Pricing26
7.1.3 Advertising27
7.1.4 Sales Promotion28
7.1.5 Distribution29
7.2 Evaluation30
7.2.1 Sales Forecast31

8. Conclusion32

Reference List:33

Appendix 1: Self-generated Survey on Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits34 Appendix 2: Survey Results36
Appendix 3: Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits’ Area Manager Interview Form38

1. Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to evaluate the performance of Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits (Popeyes) in the Singapore market, subsequently suggesting ways to build on and improve it.

Secondary data was collected for the purpose of showing the market share of the brand in Singapore, how the fast food service here has been growing, and the eating habits and trends of the locals. Surveys were conducted as well to find out people’s perception of Popeyes here.

After evaluating Popeyes’ current situation and status through a SWOT analysis and with information about other external factors, we proceeded to come up with a marketing plan that Popeyes can benefit from.

The plan involves the use of techniques such as market segmentation, choosing the target market strategy of local marketing and improving the current marketing mix with sales promotions, advertising and additional distribution channels being the main focus. Further on, product adaptations were suggested as well to make the product offering more interesting for customers.

Through better outlet locations, new services, an increase in public awareness, discounts offered, incentives to customers, and a modification of the product offerings to suit local tastes, we believe Popeyes will successfully grow its market share in Singapore within the next year.

2. Introduction

In recent findings, fast food in Singapore has seen considerable growth over the years. With the opening of new shopping malls like Vivo City in 2006, and the building and renovating of other shopping haunts throughout 2007, fast food chains – which are usually found in such malls – have been able to expand their number of outlets. (Euromonitor International 2008).

In 2006, transaction volumes have risen to 77 million. And in 2007, fast food has grown to reach sales of S$638 million and the number of outlets has increased to 1,112 island-wide. In trying to increase their market share, fast food businesses have focused on expanding to new areas and within shopping malls (Euromonitor International 2008).

For Singaporeans, food is something that they are passionate about, and given the great food culture in the country, eating out has become a way of life to the locals. There are...
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