Topics: Evaporative cooler, Arabian Peninsula, United Arab Emirates Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Al Jazirah: The Genius Inventor
Air conditioning is one of the most crucial appliances in almost all homes and businesses in the Arab world. The Saudi Arabian climate can be characterized as a desert climate, with wide fluctuations in a day and night temperatures. The climate is typified by high temperature in the summer, often rising 45 degrees Celsius or more, while in spring and autumn, the average temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius. Apart from the coastal areas, the climate is rather dry and leaves people with an uncomfortable breathing experience. The climate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has resulted in the installation of air conditioning in most domestic and commercial buildings. Sales of air conditioning reach 2.1 million units per year. Air conditioners are installed in every new building. COOLING CONCEPTS

Have you ever noticed how cool if feels on the beach on a hot summer day? The cooling of the air is the result of water evaporation and that’s how an evaporative cooler works. An evaporative cooler is essentially an enclosed box with vented sides, containing three elements: a centrifugal fan (blower) and electric motor with pulleys, and a water pump to wet the evaporative cooling pads. To cool, the centrifugal fan draws ambient air in the through the units from the pads; heat in the air then evaporates water from the pads, which are kept constantly damp to maintain the cooling process. An evaporative cooling unit is mounted on the roof or on the exterior wall of a building, and the cool air is delivered to the building through a vent. THE MARKET

The culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is luxury driven. The consumer generally has a large purchasing power and tends to buy expensive things. In recent years, the culture has grown to a more established structure, so that consumers look for the new true value and advantage of the products they purchase. Another new trend in the culture, which is still in development, is...
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