Topics: Asian arowana, Overfishing, Fish farming Pages: 12 (3167 words) Published: February 4, 2013

General outline of presentation
History, Products and services → (introduce 3 categories, talk about ornamental fish, markets served, focus on arowana),  4Ps for arowana, customer segmentation for arowana, Recent performance (drop in profits, focus on Arowana), PESTEL (focus on points that lead to fall in profits), Porter’s (focus on points that lead to fall in profits), SWOT (focus on points that lead to fall in profits), Recommendations , END.

What people are looking out for in our presentation, 5 main criteria: 1. Clearly identify the problems faced by Qian Hu
2. Come up with solutions to tackle the problem
3. Professionalism
4. Creative and innovative
5. Time management

Edwin: Kenny Yap, Father Yap
Rita: Student
Chingwoon: Student
Sisong: Dying animals, Alvin Yap
Trisha: Andy Yap, Narrator

Edwin: dat ke ho! Selamat pagi ms violet ah & everyone! all of you don’t laugh at me being lao kok kok, you know who i am? Qian hu,有听过吗?have you heard about Qian hu?i am the father of the founder, Yap Hey Cha. Don’t play play!

Before Qian Hu started, you know what we were? you don’t know right? last time i raise pig to earn a living, but the government want to reduce pollution and free up more land for residential development, so they force me to close down my farm!

I have no choice, what can i do right? jing hu big what.
but, i cannot bear to see my farm close down, wa um kam. so, i convert all my pens into ponds to breed guppies. *thunder sound*, but sadly, on one fateful night, a thunderstorm wiped out all my guppies! all my guppies! i nearly had a heart attack

ok nvm, Lucky i was not very old then, still can take such blows. i decided to farm high-fin loaches. i put in all my effort, and i managed to grow 4000 loaches! you know how much is that? it is a few times the number of students in NUS business school. but the god is really not at my side, my loaches died due to a disease outbreak. whoa! I cannot take it already, I also die.

Andy Yap : Lao Bei si diao, my father die already.... hur hur hur.... Alvin Yap: 来 Kenny, don’t drink milk already we need to take responsibility already. ***All three pose at look far (like army pose)***

____________________________________________________________________________ Student A & Student B walk into Qian Hu
Ching Woon: Ehh ehh, the shuttle bus is there!! (Rita & Ching Woon run over) Rita : Wah lao eh, this Edwin make us come for marketing meeting at Qian Hu then he go Zouk model competition be NUS king. thank you ah!

Ching Woon: aiya never mind la,

Ching Woon: Ya lo!

Introduction to company staff and students

One unfortunate day, Father Yap died (Father Yap, with the beard, falls dramatically to the floor) but then came Kenny Yap (same person remove beard and rises up, styles hair) the current director of Qian Hu, along with Andy Yap and Alvin Yap. Today, everyone right here is fortunate to have the Yap Brothers to bring everyone on a personal tour around Qian Hu!

Kenny Yap: Welcoming everyone to our fish farm!! You must have had a tough time finding the place?

Student A: Thank you Mr Yap, no worries we took the shuttle bus from Choa Chu Kang interchange. We’re students from the NUS Business School and we hope to get to know more about the farm.

Kenny Yap: No problem! First let me and my brothers, Andy and Alvin bring you around the farm. In Qian Hu, each and every of our staff are dressed in the white Qian Hu uniform and are well-equipped with all the information regarding the fishes in the farm.

Student: Is it a must for everyone to wear the Qian Hu uniform every day?

Andy Yap: Yes! Our employees are valuable assets to our company as they interact directly with our valuable customers. The standard of service provided affects the possibility of return visits so wearing uniforms allows us to be united and professional. Even all the high-ranking management are wearing the uniform. In...
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