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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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• Evaluation will be conducted through out the lesson. The student’s active participation in discussion and note taking will provide evidence of understanding. • Students will have optional assignment which has answers to questions posted online for self-check. • The Exam 2 given after completion of Chapter 3 & 4 will provide evidence of student learning.


• The instructor will pass out note sheets from the upcoming presentation. • The students will put the note sheets in their binders. • The instructor will present powerpoint presentation highlighting Chapter 4. • The students will be instructed to take notes on the powerpoint note sheets. • The instructor will facilitate discussion and conversation of the material with emphasis on analogous relationship to everyday situations within the students’ lives. • The students will be brought into a discussion concerning the issues of Chapter 4. • Open-ended questions asked throughout the presentation will provide a gauge of students’ understanding of material.

At the completion of this lesson the student will be able to:

1. Know the variables that shape the environment of marketing strategy planning. 2. Understand why company objectives are important in guiding marketing strategy planning. 3. See how the resources of a firm affect the search for opportunities. 4. Know how the different kinds of competitive situations affect strategy planning. 5. Understand how the economic and technological environment can affect strategy planning. 6. Know why you might be sent to prison if you ignore the political and legal environment. 7. Know about the cultural and social environment and key population and income trends that affect it. 8. Understand how to screen and evaluate marketing strategy opportunities.

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Lesson 05
CHS Marketing
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