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SUBMISSION DATE: 7th January 2013

1. Introduction
Asics is the Japanese athletic equipment company which majorly deals with shoes and apparel. First operated as Panmure Co Ltd (1 September 1949). Healthy and happy lifestyle is the main aim of Asics to give the best to their customers and for that members of Asics have coaches, scientist and athlets to reaserach properly about their products. Our project is to re-lanuching the product of Asics called 'Gel Nimbus'. Gel Nimbus market can be further segmented by using the psychographic segmentation targeting those who are adventurous and love outdoor activities. The Gel Nimbus is a lighter and more versatile product which is popular among runners.

2. Plan Goals and Major Milestones
Gel Nimbus shoe is basically very light in weight and have unique design specially for athletes people and if you relate with its price it is affordable for all customers. Our target is not only specific people like teen age people it is for all range of people who are athletes, adventurous and for those who walk to much. To re-launch of Gel Nimbus is an got plan for the future investment the reason is why that because Gel Nimbus is the product where you can get more profit by re-launching it again. To re-launch of product we need to change its packaging by putting some bright eye-catching logo of Asics to give a modern image. If company can follow four P's than for sure you must get profit. There are following P's * Product

* Price
* Promotion
* Place.

* Product: Before launching any product need to figure out it's worth it or not because without knowing that you cannot get profit as much as you think. The quality and features of product is related to customers need. Quality of product must be properly checked and Asics investing a huge amount on that to get better product for their customers and for that Asics Research Institute of Sports Science opened in...
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