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Marketing Project II
Q: Conduct a household or market survey and report on the buying motive of consumers as regards price and quality, consumers being classified by age, sex and income given certain selected products. * Choose any five consumer durable products/services of high demand. (i.e., products with life span greater than 3 years.)

* Main page (Name, Class, Year, Marketing Project)
* Title (question)
* Table of Contents
* Explain buying motive and its types.
* Introduction and information about each of the products chosen (only consumer durable objects; types are – medium expensive and very expensive). * Target group of customers for each product in brief. (Age; sex; income group etc.) * Must: Mention gender and age if product is bought a certain gender or age group only, along with reasoning for the same. * Form questionnaires with (10-15 questions) and do a survey with 10 customers. Make sure that the questions can be answered in sentences or provide statements with options. DO NOT use Yes/No questions. * Eg: What is the primary reason for which you buy this product? What other benefits do you derive from the product? Is the product convenient to use?

Is the product safe?
Is the product worth the value paid for realization? * Following the questionnaires, make a report for each and every product separately explaining the buying motive and reasons they buy it for. (1 page per product.) * Draw conclusions from the results of your questionnaires, graphs, reports, etc. * Depict graph (depending on any 5 criteria you have mentioned in your questionnaire in a bar diagram) for the number of consumers surveyed. * Add pictures and symbols throughout your presentation to add colour and life. * The project can be made using either MS PowerPoint or MS Word.

Format of a Questionnaire:

TITLE ( Eg: Survey conducted to...
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