Marketin Audit

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Strategic business unit Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: December 2, 2012
The purpose of a Marketing Audit is for class participants to apply the principles of the course to a specific firm (business or strategic business unit). The audit should examine the firm’s level of knowledge and sophistication with the use of customer analysis, with an understanding of market conditions and structure, and with the overall marketing process.

Presentations should be in PowerPoint. Additional or supporting information should be put in the Notes Section of each slide.

The Assignment Outline:
1. Executive Summary/Situation Analysis: Introduce your firm (company or SBU) and your industry; introduce components of your firm’s current marketing situation; introduce your firm’s sustainable value proposition and competitive advantage.

2. Customer/Market Analysis: Using Dolan’s 5Cs, analyze and describe the external and internal environments surrounding your firm. In the process, you should consider questions such as: Who are your current and potential customers and how do you keep in touch with them? What are the firm’s core competencies and mission? What’s happening with the industry? (consider doing a Porter’s 5 Forces and/or a SWOT analysis and include them in the text or as an exhibit). What is the competitive environment and who are the important collaborators?

3. Marketing Strategy: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning - Apply what you learned in class and discuss how and why your market is segmented and targeted. Include a customer value proposition and/or an “elevator” positioning statement and a perceptual map.

4. Marketing Mix (4Ps): Explain how the 4Ps are correctly (or incorrectly) implemented in support of the firm’s marketing strategy.

5. Sustaining Value: How does the firm acquire and retain customers, measure its marketing success and sustain value? Are they profitable?

6. What metrics can be used to measure success, failure, or progress?

7. Based on the...
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