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University of World and National Economy

Department: Economics in English


Topic: Old Spice
(Social Media Impact on Marketing)

Year 2012

1What is Social Media2
2Classification of social media3
3How does social media work4
4Why is social media so popular5
5Social media and marketing6
6Old Spice – the Company7
7Marketing Strategy8
8The beginning of “Smell like a man, man!” campaign9
8.1It’s not about Social10
8.2Define the right strategy before defining the digital agenda11
8.3Leave room for experimentation, even failure11
9The Post-Old-Spice principles of social media marketing11
9.1Create a persona that is strong and on point11
9.2Seed social networks with invitations to interact12
9.3Engage the engaged, the famous and the influencers12
9.4Personalize the response and people will compete for inclusion13
9.5Make it episodic and easy to share13
9.6Keep the videos simple and short13
9.7Promote it with tie-ins offline14

What is Social Media
It is a revolutionary way of communicating with the audience. It includes web based and mobile technologies, making communities, organizations and individuals interact. Social media is defined by Michael Haenlein and Andreas Caplan as: "a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0 and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content." What about Web 2.0? It is a new generation of internet information and entertainment where the user is not just receiving content but he or she is a part of the web experience. Today, social media is something established in our lives. It is also a very powerful tool that can influence different groups of people, especially the young. Social media is best understood as a group of new kinds of online media, which share most or all of the following characteristics:...

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