Marketers Are Liars

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My answer is below.
It is my understanding from watching Seth’s video presentation to Google employees that a purple cow is a representation of a product or service that stands out; one that is remarkable and one that simply “wows” you and you are so excited that you tell others about that particular product or service. He goes on to say that remarkable is something worth talking about. He provided examples for remarkable products - the Hummer, Mini Cooper and BMW. He mentioned other companies, but the company that stood out for me was LittleMissMatch. They took on an idea of selling socks that do not match! Imagine that! You cannot purchase them in pairs as they only sell odd numbers. The target market is young girls. One girl purchases these socks and then at school or another social environment, she shares the cool looking socks with her friends. Her friends then tell other friends and soon thereafter all these girls are purchasing the socks.

What are the current purple cows for Americans? In my opinion the following are products/services that are a good representation of a purple cow: Facebook


• iPad
• iPhone

SouthWest Airlines

Axe Deodorant

Lady Gaga

Red Bull
What are your personal “purple cows”? My personal “purple cows” are the iPhone 5 & iPad, the Ford Explorer that parks itself and the Honda generator. What makes each "remarkable for you"? The iPhone has a sleek design, it’s light, intuitive and it’s always mentioned in discussions about technology. Recently I saw the Ford Explorer commercial and was impressed with its ability to park itself and in October, shortly after Sandy struck New Jersey, I purchased a Honda generator. I was very impressed with the quietness of the engine. How many people have you told about these products and services? We are always talking about new products and the iPhone is frequently part of that discussion. With Honda, I was so impressed with the...
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