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Debra Jimenez
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Today marketers need both deep customer understanding and fresh customer insights that are based on fact not simple intuition or very small samples. VALS grounds its work in consumer data, accurate research and insightful analysis make VALS consultants' recommendations actionable. The benefits of taking the VALS Survey is they gain a fresh perspective by getting into the heads of your customers. It creates a richly textured consumer profile, and it helps understand the distinct communication styles of your best targets.

Understanding customers is critical to marketing. VALS strengthens demographic characterizations by explaining the deeper psychological drivers of consumer behavior. VALS provides clients with tailored marketing strategies for targeting, positioning, and communications real world, real time, actionable strategies. VALS identifies the psychological motivations that predict consumer differences by using psychometric technology to measure concepts that researchers have proved based on or characterized by observation and experiment instead of theory connects with consumer behavior.

I think marketers can use this information as it will benefit them on marketing their products. They can use it to target a certain group of people and use their interests and beliefs to their advantage. Prices can be adjusted to fit the market in a certain area that is selling their product. Marketers can also do research on an area to figure out the best strategy for that product to be successful within several different areas of the country. Some areas can be more profitable than others’; it depends on what product you are marketing and where you are marketing it. (Example; if you are a farmer you would be interested in a tractor over someone in the city who is more interested in a desk for their business.)

I took the VALS Survey and mine...
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