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  • Published : December 30, 2012
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Market Share
Radwanick andAquino (2012) state that in 2007, 9 million people in the US used smartphones. This comprised 4 percent of the mobile market. In March 2012, more than 110 million Americans used smartphones and by the end of 2013, the number of smartphone users is expected to increase the level of market penetration to more than 70%. Today, every 4th smartphone user also owns a tablet. Figure 2 shows the market share with respect to OS, including Google Android, Apple IOS, RIM Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian (Radwanick and Aquino, 2012). Figure 2

Market Share of Smartphone Platforms in the U.S. (August 2010 - August 2012) Source: Statista
Since the introduction of the Iphone in 2007, Apple's market share has continued to grow steadily and recently obtained 32.4% of market share. It has experienced a further 2.1% increase in the second quarter of 2012. However, Google Android is the top mobile OS, acquiring 51.6% of market share and continues growing. Meanwhile, Windows Phone OS has 3.8% of market share. 5 Forecast

Compared to the global smartphone and tablet markets, the US is experiencing its peak and entering the stage of maturity. However, in the future, the U.S. market will be almost fully penetrated. The majority of new smartphone and tablet purchases should be "upgrades" of older devices. Simultaneously, the high level of market penetration provides vast growth opportunities for content and applications developers.Thus, the 4G technology and future innovations might boost sales by 2016 (Seeking Alpha , 2012)