Market Segmentation by Consumer Lifestyle

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Market segmentation Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: August 10, 2006
Segmentation by lifestyle and values
"Lifestyle segmentation" has been a useful concept for marketing and advertising planning purposes (Wells and Tigert, 1977; Kaynak and Kara, 1996b). Lifestyle, of course, has been defined simply as "how one lives". In marketing, "lifestyle", however, describes the behavior of individuals, a small group of interacting people, and large groups of people (e.g. market segments) acting as potential consumers. (Kucukemiroglu, 1999) Thus, the concept of the lifestyle represents a set of ideas quite distinct from that of personality. The lifestyle relates to the economic level at which people live, how they spend their money, and how they allocate their time (Anderson and Golden, 1984). According to Kucukemiroglu (1999), lifestyle segmentation research measures people's activities in terms of: Ćhow they spend their time;

Ćwhat interests they have and what importance they place on their immediate surroundings; Ćtheir views of themselves and the world around them; and ĆSome basic demographic characteristics.

Due to the multi-cultural theme of our restaurant, it is more likely to attract customers who are interested in exploring the world and exposing themselves in another kind of surrounding which differentiated from their every day life. It is also the reason why we tend to target tourists. Because of the very purpose of traveling is to see and get to know a different parts of the world, therefore, they are willing to catch every chance to accomplish this goal. However, there are more people other than just tourists who have an interest in different cultures.

Anderson, W.T, Golden, L, 1984, "Life-style and psychographics: a critical review and recommendation", Kinnear, T, Advances in Consumer Research, XI, Association for Consumer Research, Ann Arbor, MI, 405-11. Kaynak, E, Kara, A, 1996b, "Consumer life-style and ethnocentrism: a comparative study in Kyrgyzstan and Azarbaijan", 49th Esomar Congress...
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