Market Research on Online Shopping in India

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Introduction with special reference to Indian context3
Literature Review5
Research questions & Hypothesis8
Discussion And Managerial Implications.22
Summary with special reference to similarities & dissimilarities with the previous research19
Scope for further research19

The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of consumer perceptions in regards to online shopping. The study broadly classifies net users into two categories browsers and online shoppers across various age groups, income categories, education qualification and job profile. A sample of 100 (63 males and 37 females) respondents were taken into consideration from New Delhi. ANOVA statistical techniques was applied to know the significant difference in overall online shopping perception, vendor characteristics, website characteristics, consumer characteristics due to users(browsers & buyers) and demographic characteristics such as age, gender, monthly family income , education and occupation . It was found that there was significant difference on shopping perception due to users (buyers & browsers), age and education. In order to strengthen the analysis of further research large sample size to be considered. 1.0 INTRODUCTION:

It has been more than a decade since business-to-consumer E-commerce first evolved. Today it forms the bedrock of most businesses banking, travel and entertainment, shopping and e-mailing now all form part of a new mode in which the society interacts. Scholars and practitioners of electronic commerce constantly strive to gain an improved insight into consumer behaviour in cyberspace. Along with the development of E-retailing, researchers continue to explain E-consumers behaviour from different perspectives. The growing use of Internet provides a developing prospect for E-marketers. If E-marketers able to establish relationship between factors affecting online buying behaviour and the perceptions of online buyers, then they can further develop their marketing strategies to convert potential browsers into buyers. The study investigates the behaviour and perception of browsers that holds them from shopping online. 1.1 THE INDIAN PERSPECTIVE:

Undoubtedly the numbers of internet users have significantly increased thanks to factors like greater internet penetration, fall in prices of hardware, fall in the price of internet communication, development of better and more reliable technologies, and increased awareness among user are few of the prominent factors leading the change. The potential and size of Indian markets is huge in terms of revenues and customer base therefore many businesses are gearing up for the new model that provides goods and service at the doorstep of the e-customer at the click of a mouse button. The business model promises excellent service quality, low price, and big range of choices, availability, convenience, and comprehensive information about products. The question arises whether the Indian business and consumers have matured to move up the IT curve and consider B2C (Business to Consumers) a viable model. Its seems like a territory largely untouched and underutilized, except in the travel and ticketing sector Online Shopping in India has few takers. Though it has always been touted as the next big thing ever to happen, Indians have been quite sceptical about its services and growth factors. Largely the reason seems to be the lack of well designed and maintained websites and websites failing to address the concerns of customers and long time association with brick and mortar stores. 1.2 INDIA: ONLINE...
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