Market Research of Nokia China

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Market Research Report
Since China became one of the largest and fastest-growing mobile phone markets in the world, all multinational mobile phone companies hoped to boost their market share there. In the mid 80’s, Nokia was one of the earliest international companies that penetrated the Chinese market. That gave the company a first- move advantage. Also, as a business giant who has the topnotch marketing strategies, Nokia almost dominated every market segment. However, changes come daily and there is no perpetual success. Now, we are seeing that Nokia, in its downturn, is suffering from market share declination in China. According to the related research, university students, a distinguished and enormous consuming group, is the main consuming force in China’s mobile phone market and have the most direct influence on the success or failure of a company.

Research Objective
In this report, students of the School of International Study at UIBE are sampled to help to conduct a research on the unique consuming psychology and behaviors of the whole university students in China. This report aims to support Nokia make effective marketing strategies targeting this special group and win their loyalty back from them. There will be two basic research directions in this report. One will focus on the company, Nokia – how its market share has declined in China’s mobile phone market among university students, while the other will aim to investigate the university students in purchasing mobile phones. The two basic research questions are:

1. What are the main factors that affect university students in China to buy mobile phones? 2. Why Nokia’s market in China failed over the past few years? Research Methodology
There are two main types of research methods, which have currently being use in the collection of data. For this report, it is necessary to have both of them, quantitative and qualitative research, since they provide different perspectives...
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