Market Research of Eveready Torches

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▪ To know the customer perception towards Eveready flashlights with respective to the china made rechargeable torches.

▪ To find out the factors that tends to put an impact on Eveready LED torches.

▪ To find out what are the parameters customers/consumers look into before purchasing flashlight/torches.

▪ To know price sensitivity.



A ‘flash light’ usually called a ‘Torch’ is a hand-held electric powered light source. It caters the lighting needs of consumers.

In the case of emergencies when light goes out, you are going to your way to phone; all you need is a flashlight or torch to illuminate your way. You may still need to fix things when the sun goes down, if you are building something or working on your car, flash lights can help you see what you are doing. When you go for a dental check up you might see the dentist using torch. Whether you are going to take a walk or on your way out of the door at night you need a torch to help you see the way, as well as stay safe.

About flashlight:

A flashlight (usually called a Torch outside North America) is a hand-held electric-powered light source. Usually the light source is a small incandescent bulb or light-emitting diode (LED). Typical flashlight designs consist of the light source mounted in a parabolic or other shaped reflector and the power source is electric batteries and an electric power switch.

While most flashlights are hand-held, there are head or helmet-mounted flashlights designed for miners and campers and battery-powered lights for bicycles.

The term flashlight is used mainly in the United States and Canada. In other English-speaking countries, the most common term is torch or electric torch.

On January 10, 1899, American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company obtained U.S. Patent No. 617,592(filed 12 march 1898) from David Misell, its English inventor. This “electric device” designed by Misell was powered by “D” batteries laid front to back in a paper tube with the light bulb and a rough brass reflector at the end. The company donated some of these devices to the New York City police, who responded favourably to them.

These early flashlights ran on zinc-carbon batteries, which could not provide a steady electric current and require periodic ‘rest’ to continue functioning. Because these early flashlights also used energy-inefficient carbon-filament bulbs, “resting” occurred at short intervals. Consequently, they could be used only in brief flashes, hence the popular name flashlight.

Power sources for light:

The most common power source for flashlights is the battery. Many types of batteries are suitable for use in flashlights, such as button cells, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries and rechargeable NiMH, NiCd batteries and lithium ion batteries. The choice of batteries will depend on the light source used, and will usually play a determining role in the size and shape of the flashlight. Some flashlights are solar powered, using the energy generated from a solar cell to charge an on board battery for later use.





Ask any Indian consumer to name a battery and the first brand that comes to mind is Eveready. Not just among batteries, Eveready is a powerful brand across categories.

Eveready has a portfolio comprising dry cell batteries (carbon zinc batteries, rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries), flashlights (Torches), CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), and mosquito repellent and packet tea.

Eveready’s strength is the result of a continuous and well-orchestrated brand development strategy that maximizes the value from each consumer touch-point.

[pic] “Give me red” is the iconic urban face of...
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