Market Research

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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1. Timeliness and quality of projects delivery, i.e. Product Development, Special Projects 2. Updated AAJI reports
3. Competitor comparison analysis
4. Sales Force Management tools
5. Brochures content development

Job Summary
Analyze data based on intelligence and survey accurately and timely. Provide, prepare, analyze, communicate and update the latest information regarding life insurance industry and competitors to be used by various functions to forecast future market trends and compile the record of data. Involve on product development by preparing brochures and sales tools.

Major Duties & Responsibilities
1. Market Intelligence
• Conduct competitive intelligence, by collecting and analyzing competitors data, i.e. product range of competitors, price, channel distribution, and product portfolio • Prepare trend analysis for market share in life insurance industry • Support Actuarial and Sales Department, especially related to Product Comparison and sales illustration • Determine the methods of competitive intelligence, i.e. secondary data from media, sales force information, mystery shopper, and other networks

2. Sales Force Management Tools
• Assist in Sales Force Management Tools development to enhance the field force credibility and capability via providing best-in-class selling tools (i.e. financial calculator, starter kit, etc) • Support new product development, by developing brochures which content sales illustration • Responsible for User Acceptance Test of brochures and its distribution to branches and RSC • Review and update the content of product brochures

3.Administration and Reporting
• Prepare updated AAJI report
• Distribute news/ information of competitors activities from mass media • Distribute inter-office memorandum to branches and RSC • Distribute daily NAV (Net Asset Value) to branches and RSC

Minor Job Function
• Provide information related...