Market Reaction Paper

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  • Published : May 7, 2011
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Market Reaction Paper


Jeffrei Morel

Professor R. Walljasper

November 8, 2010

On the busy streets of the Upper West side lies a two floor petit market named Citarella. Located on 75th street and Broadway, this amazing gourmet market allows buyers to have a great quality of food even though it may cost a little more money. Citarella welcomes guest into a neat and comfortable environment where customers and purchasers can shop for items in a relaxed, well-organized place. All of the food appears fresh and high quality. As a first timer everything in the market seemed more upscale and elegant, which immediately made me realize this market was a great vendor. Citarella creates an atmosphere that makes buyers want to enjoy their food shopping at this market.

Upon reaching 75th Street, I noticed the big orange “Citarella” sign on the corner. The window display had actual meat which already showed me how high quality and value their food was. It seemed very differently than my local markets around my neighborhood. I opened the door and the market was full of people . This must be a sign of a great market. The place was made of bricks, and all the walls were covered in different food displays of each individual food section. The fresh smell of vegetables an area of cooked food cultivated my nose right away. I started my analysis in the vegetables and fresh pasta section. They had various selection from ravioli, tortellini and many others. Across from me, I saw the lettuce at a price range of $1.89 lbs. This was awkward for me seeing lettuce being purchased by its weight. I also noticed Citarella promotes their new product in every section using big yellow tags stating the product name, price and brand. That idea is great if you are an experimental buyer or chef that like to try new things in the kitchen.

Afterwards, I worked my way to the seafood section and noticed all the different types of seafood...
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