Market Potential for Solar Pv Inverter

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VMC Systems Limited,
Greenlands, Begumpet, Hyderabad


Vrindavan Aheer Yadav
R.No: 005
(M.B.A 2011-2013)



Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and this work is not different. I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude and profound thanks to Prof. Dr. Rajeshwari Rayudu for giving me the opportunity to work with VMC Systems Limited, Hyderabad on this project.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my project guide Prof. Dr. Rajeshwari Rayudu without whom this project would not have been a success. From the very beginning till the end of completion of this report he was the main source of guidance and motivation for me.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to all the staff of VMC Systems Limited, Hyderabad for supporting me in this project.

I also want to place my gratitude to Mr. V.S. Vinayak – Vice President, VMC Systems Limited, for providing me with an opportunity to do this project and also for his help and cooperation throughout the project.

I also express my deep senses of gratitude to the Director of Wesley PG College, Prof. Dr.B. Vimal Sukumar, for providing the excellent facilities and infrastructure thereby enabling to perform this Project work.

Vrindavan Aheer Yadav


S. No.TitlePage No.
1Executive Summary4
2Company Profile6
3Objective of the Study10
4Market Research and Data Sources11
5Secondary Data13
6Product Description18
7Market Potential20
8Market Segmentation22
9Estimated Market for Solar PV Inverter24


The National Action Plan on Climate Change points out: "India is a tropical country, where sunshine is available for longer hours per day and in great intensity. Solar energy, therefore, has great potential as future energy source. It also has the advantage of permitting the decentralized distribution of energy, thereby empowering people at the grassroots level".

Based on this vision Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission was launched under the brand name "Solar India".

Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission is a major initiative of the Government of India with active participation from States to promote ecologically sustainable growth while addressing India's energy security challenge. It plays a major role in India’s contribution to fight against the issues of climate change which is a big concern across the globe

Importance and Relevance of Solar Energy in India
India is endowed with abundant solar energy, which is capable of producing 5,000 trillion kilowatts of clean energy. Country is blessed with around 300 sunny days in a year and solar insolation of 4-7 kWh per Sq. m per day. If this energy is harnessed efficiently, it can easily reduce our energy deficit scenario and that to with no carbon emission. Many States in India have already recognised and indentified solar energy potential and other are lined up to meet their growing energy needs with clean and everlasting solar energy. In near future Solar energy will have a huge role to play in meeting India’s energy demand.

Environmental impact: Solar energy is environmentally friendly as it has zero emissions while generating electricity or heat.

JNNSM Mission Objectives

The objective of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission is to establish India as a global leader in solar energy, by creating the policy conditions for its large scale diffusion across the country as quickly as possible. The Mission adopted a 3-phase approach spanning the period of the 11th Plan and first year of the 12th Plan (up to 2012-13) as Phase 1, the remaining 4 years of the 12th Plan (2013-17) as Phase 2 and the 13th Plan (2017-22)...
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