Market Potential and Customer Mapping Analysis of Real Estate Market in Mumbai “

Topics: Real estate, Mumbai, Real estate development Pages: 33 (9777 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Capstone Project Report

Submitted by,
Name- Karan Arora
Roll no- 59
Batch- GLC-RMM

Under the Guidance of
“Prof. Pratish Shrivastava”

Submitted to,
In the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of GLC-RMM Institute for Technology & Mangement
Navi mumbai

Academic year 2012-2013

Table of content
Sr. no| Topic| Page no|
1.| Declaration| 3|
2.| Acknowledgement| 4|
3.| Preface| 5|
4.| Executive summary| 6|
5.| Literature Review| 7|
6.| 1. Introduction1.1 Mumbai Real Estate1.2 Current state of Mumbai Real estate, oversupply?1.3 Correction in the Mumbai real estate market1.4 Sentiments in the Mumbai real estate market1.5 Oversupply in the Mumbai realty market?| 15- 181616171717| 7.| 2. MACROECONOMIC OUTLOOK| 19|

8.| 3. Top 10 builders in Mumbai| 20-23|
9.| 4. MUMBAI COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE OVERVIEW4.1 What are the commercial real estate market demand and supply dynamics?4.2 Is there an investor expectation mismatch with market fundamentals?4.3 Small Office Spaces Witnessing Absorption4.4 User Profile Witnessing Change4.5 The shift from the brick buildings of Nariman Point to the glass facade buildings of Bandra Kurla Complex continues4.6 Re-working of old lease agreements amid growth slowdown| 24-26242525252526| 10.| 5. Statistical Analysis on Real Estate| 27-28| 9.| 6.Major Locations within Mumbai6.1 Central Suburbs6.2 Western Suburbs6.3 Navi Mumbai6.4 South Mumbai6.5Thane| 29-332930313233| 10.| 7. Customer Mapping7.1 Current Scenario7.2 Qualitative Insights| 34-353435| 10.| 8. Future of Mumbai Real estate| 36|

11.| 9. Learnings| 37|
12.| 10. Recommendation| 38|
13.| 6. Conclusion| 39|
14.| Bibliography| 40|


I, the undersigned student of ITM b-school, Navi mumbai second year, hereby declare that I have completed this project of “MARKET POTENTIAL AND CUSTOMER MAPPING ANALYSIS OF REAL ESTATE MARKET IN MUMBAI” in the academic year 2012-2013

The information provided in this report is true and original to the best of my knowledge.


One of the pleasant aspects of preparing a capstone project report is the opportunity to thank to those who have contributed to make the project completion possible. I am extremely thankful to Prof. Pratish Shrivastava. Whose active interest in the project and insights helped me formulate, redefine and implement our approach towards the project. I am also thankful to all those seen and unseen hands which have been a direct or indirect help in the completion of the project.


Mumbai is the economic powerhouse of India. In 2009 the city was mentioned as an alpha city (the engine of economic growth of the country and the gateway to the countries resources). It is the richest city in whole of west and central Asia. All of this led to high immigration and real estate investors flocked to Mumbai which led to enormous investments on a relatively small real estate and mortgage market. How attractive is it to invest in Mumbai Real estate? Should or should you not buy property in this relatively new alpha city? This report has been made to present you this Mumbai Real Estate report and aim to give you an insight in what to expect about the development of Mumbai Real estate over the next years. This report contains many variables, future scenarios and consulted experts. In the first chapter we look back to the recent history of property and investments in Mumbai, in the second chapter we talk to professionals and look at Residex numbers and the current state of Mumbai Real estate. The third chapter will be about the future of Mumbai property.

Executive Summary
The Mumbai Commercial Real Estate...
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