Market Plan for Solar Panels

Topics: Marketing, Sun, Solar power Pages: 19 (3886 words) Published: February 11, 2013

Student Name: Magdi Abdulhamid Moqbel Mansoor

(Sana'a, Yemen)


Date: 2012-05-02

Executive Summary:3
1.0 Situation Marketing Analysis3
1.1 Company Background3
1.2 SWOT Analysis3
1.2.1 Macro-Environmental Scanning3
1.2.2 SWOT Table5
1.3 Competition6
1.4 Objectives:7
2.0 Marketing Strategy8
2.1 STP analysis8
2.1.1 Segments:8
2.1.2 Targeting strategy:8
2.1.3 Positioning9
2.1.4 Key to Success:10
2.2 Marketing Mix10
2.2.1 Product10
2.2.2 Price11
2.2.3 Place11
2.2.4 Promotion:11
3.0 Financial Projections12
3.1 Sales Forecasts12
3.2 Break-Even13
4.0 Control14
4.1 Custom feedback:14
4.2 Monitoring Advertising14
4.3 The Target Market Sales:14
4.4 Budget:15
4.5 Contingency plans:15

Executive Summary:

Solar panels are a promising solution to satisfy the increased demand of Yemeni people for electricity. As a new technology to the Yemeni market, product awareness is one of the important issues in our marketing plan. Enviromentally, yes; It is a very eco-friendly product but it has no much to add to its value in a developing country where environmental issues are not a priority. A macro-environmental analysis is scanned and promising trends are uncovered. The regular blackouts and the national power grid shortages are stimulating people to search for new ways to produce electricity and this market plan suggests how to position the product in such a case benefiting from this opportunity. The high prices for such panels need carful marketing strategies, especially in a low-income country. This marketing plan shows how to arrive with people at a conclusion that benefits from solar panels outweigh its high cost. And the company mush share risks a way or another.

1.0 Situation Marketing Analysis

1.1 Company Background

Elect-sun is a new company that aims to open this year with a capital of US$250,000. Its shareholders are 2 electrical engineers with 2 other shareholders (2 Companies). It,s mission is to solve the electricity problem in Yemen by the technology of Solar energy.

1.2 SWOT Analysis

Because this technology is completely new to the Yemeni market and the company will be the first in mass offerings, a wide macro-environment scanning should be performed.

1.2.1 Macro-Environmental Scanning

Economic forces:

The annual average income of people in Yemen is low. Electricity bills have increased dramatically in the past 3-4 Years.

But this year showed trends in people's income. Salaries have been undergoing increases. And different benefits are in their way to almost all employees in different sectors.

The exchange rate of the Yemeni currency is getting strong.

Environmental forces:

Yemen is a sun-drenched country. The sun is available at all seasons. In winter, sun is still available in the coldest regions most of the day-time.

In coastal areas, the sun is much more available. In winter, summer is there.

Social-culture forces:

Protecting the environment and reducing air pollution, in Yemen as well as in all third world countries, is not an important issue. No sufficient organizations are educating the community about the danger facing humanity from pollution effects or any other issues. Limited efforts are done due to limited resources delegated to such issues.

The eco-friendly characteristics of an product is not of high concern in a country where environment is a secondary issue.

In the theory of Hierarchy of needs, this might have an interpretation. Communities with low-incomes tend to care less about global issues. Their main attention is towards the first levels of need in the hierarchy. Therefore, an eco-friendly product would have no added value to the product from the consumer point of view. The functionality of the product will merely make its...
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