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Topics: Herb, Entrepreneurship, Want Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: December 7, 2012
“A women can dream ”. Most of us girls,women used this phrase lots of times ,indicating that we , women also able to dream big,achieve big thing in life . But there is one woman prove to the community that she does not only able to dream,but she also struggle hard and make her dream come true . She is Rozita Ibrahim , the entrepreneur and the owner of prodect Sendayu Tinggi . Before I proceed , I would like to a bid warm greeting and very good morning to out lovely Dr.Josephine and to all my fellow classmate . Dear friend . For you information , Sendayu Tinggi is a traditionally , based on nature beauty product company . It start to operate in the early of year 1999 . Their main objective is to expose the benefits of using the herbs and others nature as the ingredient in beauty treatment . Rozita Ibrahim is one of 50 successful entrepreneurs women in Malaysia which is a big success . But all of this does not come in just one night . She experienced lots of rough patches in order to become of what she is now . Here I want to share about her life journey , the first move that she did and her strategy in her business . Let me now describe these susseccful person to all of you . First , I want to share about her life journey before she become a successful entrepreneur . For your information , her earlier life was not as easy as we thought it would be. Puan Rozita comes from a poor family, and she married at a young age, which is 18 years old with the man that she choose, but sadly , the marriage did not last long and they got divorced . After her separation with her husband, she faced a lot of enormous challenges in life. She works as a rubber tapper to earn money, but her earnings were not fixed. She need to took care of her 8 childrens with her low incomes which force her to replaced her baby’s milk with syrup. Other than that, she also lost her second son who suffer serious illness, but due to lack of money, she was unable to cover the cost of...
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