Market Penetration

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  • Published : April 2, 2011
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Ansoff Matrix:

Market penetration:

Harley-Davidson can use some international marketing techniques like advertising `in existing market like U.S, U.K and other countries like Japan. As it has a very good brand name it’s easy to hold their competitor market share which provides more customer benefits.

Market penetration can be a good choice where mostly in U.S where competition is very high.

They can expand and increase the sales by providing a good customer satisfaction not only in U.S customer also to Asian markets which help them expand their market share as global. *Source:, 2011

Product development:

Coming younger generation and females also want to drive Harley, the motor cycle segments should expand in other countries where all type of generation like to try the new ride.

Buell’s market share can be expand and increase the share by introducing new motorcycle.

They can gain high market share in developed and developing countries by introducing low cost street bike, new hybrid bike, energy efficient bike and new environmental bikes.

Market development:

Harley -Davidson can carry out their journey to also some of the developing countries which has high population and also high potential like china and India.

As per their discussion starting a new plant in India can develop their market even though the some difficulty likes taxes and levies in very high. There also some environmental issues which doesn’t allow to come into India. Cooperation to governments with certain issue can solve these problems.


Launching Leisure vehicles in developing markets where people expect to have a new ride in environmental and budget will increase the market share especially countries like china and India.


Expanding the market share in Asian market and Europe by increasing the sales of Buell sport bike and Harley-Davidson bikes to youngster and female...
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