Market Need and Growth

Topics: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Electric vehicle, Automobile Pages: 2 (255 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Cars of Germany
Eric R. Witthohn, Adam Hutson, Chase Hebert, Cody Campbell, Jennifer Johnson, Steven Yost MKT 571
November 6, 2012
Tom Melpolder

Cars of Germany

Market Need

When a customer is looking at a particular vehicle to purchase one of the first things the customer will look at is the sticker window. The largest information listed on the sticker is the miles per gallon. This is because the miles per gallon is important issue to the customers. The higher miles per gallon the vehicle is listed as, the less the vehicle per year expense will be as a result of the higher cost of gasoline prices within the past few years. With the higher cost of gasoline price effecting the decision process for potential consumers, Cars of Germany will be investing into the first fully line of hybrid model vehicles.

Market Growth

The Cars of Germany understand the future of the auto industry. Roland Berger Strategy Consultants forecasts that “10% of new cars globally will be electric by 2025, and the larger category that includes hybrids and plug-in hybrids will have grabbed 40% of the market by then. That would mean that half of new cars heading into showrooms around the world would be at least partly electric” (Motavalli,J. 2012). The Cars of Germany will look to become this industry leader in hybrid vehicles.



Product Offering

Product Definition

Product Identification




Motavalli,J. (2012). The Road Ahead for Gasoline-Free Cars. Futurist.46(2), 6-7.
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