Market Managment

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Marks 100

First Four Questions carry 15 Marks each and Last Question Carries 40 Marks

A. Explain the term Market Segmentation. Why should marketers consider segmentation as an important marketing decision? Discuss with the help of suitable examples.

B. Discuss the segmentation variables you will consider to segment the market for a 150 cc premium motorcycle.

Q. 2.
A. Briefly explain the various steps in the consumer decision-making process. Do all consumer decisions involve these steps ? Justify your answer.

B. What type of packaging would you recommend in the following cases and why? (i) Sea food for exports
(ii) Victor ink pen

Q. 3.
A. Discuss the major objectives of sales promotion. Explain the sales promotion methods directed at consumers, which can be used by a herbal hair dye manufacturer.

B. Discuss the distinct stages in product life cycle giving suitable examples.

Q. 4.
Write short notes on any three of the following:
(a) Pricing as a tool for Market cultivation
(b) Purpose of Marketing Research
(c) Product differentiation vs. Product diversification (d) Perception
(e) Cyber marketing

Q. 5. Case Study

Study the case given below and answer the questions given at the end. Office Needs, is a small chain of distributors of good-quality office furniture, carpets, safes and filing cabinets. Within each category, the company offers a wide variety of products with a great many variations of each product being offered. For instance, the company currently offers around 42 different designs of chairs and 23 varieties of office desks, The company keeps In touch with advances made in the office furniture field worldwide and introduces those products which are in keeping with the needs of the market in terms of design. Workmanship, value for money...
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