Market Intelligence

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Unit 17: Market Intelligence
Unit level: Unit level: 1 H1

Unit code: 20754P

Description of unit
The aim of this unit is to enable students to learn about different types of information needed for planning and monitoring in a competitive environment. Students will examine and apply techniques used in marketing to identify sources of information, trends in customer demand and the wider competitive environment. This unit gives the student the opportunity to develop further skills, knowledge and understanding of the concepts of marketing research.

Summary of outcomes
To achieve this unit students must: 1 Identify and evaluate models of buyer behaviour 2 Identify and evaluate market research techniques 3 Carry out a competitor analysis 4 Identify and apply methods of establishing customer satisfaction levels.

B004517 – Higher Nationals in Business – Guidance and Units – Issue 2 – July 1999



1 Buyer behaviour Customers and behaviour: approaches used to understand buyer behaviour and evaluate their contribution to marketing practice Buyer behaviour: stimulus response models, models of purchase behaviour, diffusion and innovation, model unitary and decision-making units Buying motives: psychological factors, socio-psychological factors, sociological factors, economic factors and cultural factors influencing customer behaviour Branding: relationship between brand loyalty, company image and repeat purchase 2 Market research techniques Market research: issues relating to the use of primary and secondary data sources and methods, existing sources of primary and secondary market research, internal sources, external sources, competitor data and sources and customer data Market research companies: benefits and limitations of use, cost, reliability and types Research techniques: use of qualitative and quantitative methods, use of surveys, sources of information, value and interpretation of data Types: face-to-face, telephone/postal,...
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