Market Challenger Stratgies

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Market Challenger Strategies:
A) Frontal Attack:
In a frontal attack, the attacker matches its opponent’s price, advertising, price and distribution. The principle of force says that the side with greater resources wins. Examples:
* Pepsi Vs Coke

* Blackberry Vs Apple [ Blackberry’s frontal attack on Apple with the help of this commercial ]

* HUL Vs P&G ( Rin Vs Tide )
[ HUL’s frontal attack on P&G by reducing its price and with the help of this commercial which had become very famous ]

B) Flank Attack:
Attacking a weak position in the opponent’s force is flank attack. Challenger identifies the weak areas in the offering as well as marketing territories of the opponent and attacks those areas. Examples:

* Nirma Vs HUL

* Canon Vs Xerox [In the mid 1970's Xerox owned eighty-eight percent of the plain-paper copier market; however, almost ten years later the Japanese based Canon Copier took over half of Xerox's market. The main reason Canon took over such a large portion of Xerox's market was by use of the flanking strategy. Canon focused on the small size copier market that could not afford Xerox's larger copiers. This attack was successful because it put the attacker’s strength against the defenders weakness]

* When Titan was the market leader for watches in India, Timex Watches launched a complete range of Plastic watches that offered a refreshing product alternative to the market particularly to the youth market ( 18 to 35 age group) and was able to achieve a staggering sales volume of 2 million watches in just two years, a figure that Titan took more than five years to reach.

C) Encirclement Attack:
Encirclement attack is an attempt to capture a wide slice of the enemy’s territory through a blitz. It means launching a grand offensive on several fronts. Examples:
* Frito Lay had adopted encirclement attack strategy in...
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