Market Attractiveness

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1.1 Evaluate a specific market for your product in terms of * Competitive position * Market attractiveness COLGATEColgate was the first toothpaste in a collapsible tube, introduced in 1896, when it had previously been sold in glass jars since 1873, Colgate is almost synonymous with toothpaste in the market. It is accepted well both in the rural and urban areas.  A new product launched by Colgate sensitive pro relief toothpaste 50g product now available in just $2.60.The product does contain fluoride, at a lower concentration so that it poses less of a hazard to children. The product was recently awarded a best new product award for 'Best toothpaste' as well as the 'Best in Show’. In Auckland ,Colgate main  target market like, Warehouse and new world , countdown. Colgate also available  in the  local market of the Newzealand   Colgate  in 2011 ,the  company holds a staggering 44.7% global market share with its flag ship toothpaste lineThere are three competitors of Colgate in newzealandSENSODYNESensodyne is a brand of toothpaste marketed for individuals with sensitive teeth. It is a registered trademark of glaxo smith kline which acquired it in 2001 in the purchase of block drug which developed it. Sensodyne has two main product lines: sensitivity and acid erosion. Sensodyne sensitivity products are marketed to counteract teeth sensitivity caused by exposed dentin .   The price of sensodyne pure gel $4 for the 100 gm .The active ingredient is claimed to form a protective barrier in the tooth. Clinical studies have found that potassium nitrate may be effective in treatment of dentine hypersensitivity. Sensodyne acid erosion products, Sensodyne ProNamel, are marketed to protect enamel from acid erision . One of ProNamel's active ingredients, fluoride, is widely endorsed to make teeth more resistant to acid attacks and to repair previous acid decay. Both products come in a variety of flavors and with the option of whitening.Pepsodent Pepsodent is a brand of toothpaste with a minty flavor derived from sassafras. The brand is owned by unilever,but in2013the rights to the brand in united states and Canada were bought by church and pepsodent produce product like pepsodent herbal .The price of pepsodent herbal 150g of $4.50 .Pepsodent now have the market share 17 % in RS 2200 crore oral care market SmokerSmoker toothpaste well also cleanse and revive your mouth with its extra strong peppermint flavor. Is also ideal for non smokers who want a doubly fresh breath.For whenever you want your breath to be its most intimate best.brush with smokers toothpaste.Smokers produces new product breath freshener which is available at NZ $2.90 in 100g.   (B)Market attractiveness competition market• Newzealand is the best country for interducing new toothpaste product in the market because there multi natio nal people who demand the different type and taste of the toothpaste     everybody becomes aware about the  toothpaste  companies of their  cheap ways of earning profit by showing big blocks but decreasing the amount of toothpaste and creates competitions.  Colgate product can do a good business by introducing a new taste and flavor of toothpaste product like a herbal and gel toothpaste and this can bring a healthy profit as well by covering more and more sale volume.  As aresult  according to age group of people colgate introduce their different variety of product in market like a herbal product attract to soccer people and gel product attract the rughby and the youngpeople because this product gives the freshnes to these players  The different marketing companies makes it easy for the new companies to launch their product in the super market as well as in the city smallest shops as because of their well established links and distribution channelsAuckland is the smallest geography yet most populated being home to around 1.50 millions peoples this makes Auckland a very attractive market for the investors and companies to launch...
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