Market Analysis - Sony Bravia

Topics: Sony, BRAVIA, Akio Morita Pages: 6 (2393 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Sony Bravia
In the Australian Marketplace

“Colour like No Other”

Executive Summary

Introduction Summary:
This report will articulate purchases of the Sony Bravia Television in the Australian marketplace. It will illustrate information to develop an in-depth understanding of the consumers buying habits. The research for this report includes information sourced from the Sony website itself, interpreted and applied to the Australian Marketplace.

Body Summary:
The major findings indicate there are various factors affecting the Australian marketplace. Overcoming a major threat is possible by utilising Sony’s strengths to maintain relevance in the Australian Marketplace.

Conclusion/Recommendation Summary:
It is clear that overtime, Sony will experience a variety of threats and weaknesses, that will jeopardise the success of the company. This report recommends that Sony maximises its strengths to continue creating innovative technology, to continue its perception of one of Australia’s premium television producers.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Environmental Scan6
Economic influences:6
Demographic influences6
Competitive influences:7
Political influences:7
Technological influences8
S.W.O.T analysis9
Reference list14


This report aims to present an accurate investigation of Sony Bravia in the Australian marketplace, and to provide recommendations for the development of the company’s success. Authorisation
This report is authorised by Anne Tonkin, TAFE SA, and written by Lynden Beck, a student of Anne Tonkin. Scope
This report relates only to the Sony Bravia television, within the Sony Company and attempts to draw links to further development of understanding the Australian market place. Background
In 1944, Mr. Akio Morita, an officer in the Japanese Navy worked with Mr. Masaru Ibuka, on a military task designing heat seeking missiles. After World War II, Morita and Ibuka maintained their friendship, and founded the corporate brand known as Sony. Sony was created on the shared belief that it could create ideas from imagination and make them a reality. The main objective of Sony was to create innovative products that would excite their customers. Sony is now one of the world’s leading producers of home entertainment systems with major interests in consumer electronics. Today, Sony has a vision to celebrate life that is expressed through advertisements. A vision articulates the focus and direction of an organisation. Sony’s vision states: “Creativity is our essence, we take chances, we exceed expectations, we help dreamers’ dream”. This statement expresses Sony’s want to satisfy their customers. Sony focuses on delivering a luxury experience which can only be experienced through their product.

Sony Market Analysis
Environmental Scan

Economic influences:
* The Financial Crisis of 2007- 08, is considered by many economists to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 20th Century. The effect of the crisis on Australia has been considerably less than in many other countries, however the effects on households are still present today. The Financial Crisis reduced the income of Australia by nearly 10% by March 2009. Furthermore, the Australian consumer is expected to save 21% more of its income during 2012-13. The Australian economy predicted less likely to purchase luxury items, such as a Sony Bravia television. * The ‘Household Assistance Package’ introduced by the Federal government in May 2012, is a key part of the clean energy future plan. This Government subsidy is designed to provide financial support to the middle class Australian householders in the introduction of the Carbon tax. Demographic influences

* The demographic of the population consists of consumers who seek a...
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